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Several groups will practising talking Spanish, English, French and German

Thursday 12th November 2015

javeamigos.com | JAVEA NEWS · HABLEMOS MÁS

Almost 100 residents of different nationalities have signed up to breath new life into the language exchange programme 'Hablemos Más' which has the support of the Department of Resident Services at the Ayuntamiento de Xàbia. The initiative is designed to help residents improve their oral expression by using the multicultural richness of Xàbia's population to encourage the formation of small groups of people of different mother tongues who will meet weekly to help each other improve their fluency in conversation.

After a few opening words from mayor José Chulvi, himself eager to take part in the sessions to practise his growing command of the English language, welcomed those who attended the press launch and congratulated those who had made the initiative possible, a project that demonstrates "the power of the integration, the enormous potential that we all have when we work together and the barriers that are overcome when we open ourselves to others".

He added that the 'Hablemos Más' strengthens training in foreign languages, which is also available at CREAMA and the adult education centre, which is especially important for the development of a town like Xàbia which welcomes many nationalities and whose economy depends heavily on tourism. He also stressed the social aspect of the project which strengthens ties between people and encourages a sense of community.

Councillor Doris Courcelles (Resident Services), whose department is responsible for promoting the initiative, explained that five groups will be formed for England-Spanish exchange with one each for French-Spanish and German-Spanish. Representatives from the three groups which have carried over from the original 'Hablemos Más' project which began in 2008 would act as advisors for the coordinators of the five new English groups which will be developed to accommodate the different levels of those taking part, working to put those of similar abilities together in a single group. She went on to add that the success of 'Hablemos Más' is up to those who participate in it, explaining that it was not a course and not obligatory to attend each and every session. There were no exams and no diplomas to be achieved; it was simply a way of practising language skills. Those who have pre-registered with the OAC offices will be receiving further details via email.

Read more about the re-launch of the 'Hablemos Más' initiative here.


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