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Speakers will listen to lectures on time-management, identity and vision as well as communication skills

Thursday 4th November 2015

javeamigos.com | JAVEA NEWS · XÀBIA EMPRÉN

New workshops aimed at those who are thinking of starting a business as well as established business people have been inaugurated by the Ayuntamiento de Xàbia. The initiative is called Xàbia Emprén and was kicked off this week by mayor José Chulvi, councillor Cesc Camprubi (Economic Development) and Rosario Doneris, the manager of CREAMA, a regional programme which promotes and encourages economic development in the Marina Alta.

The municipal representatives stressed the importance of training within employment promotion policies and said that this initiative demonstrated the willingness of the Ayuntamiento de Xàbia to support entrepreneurs and businessmen of the municipality by offering learning and business forums to keep their skills as up-to-date as possible. They also confirmed that, as a stimulus to the local economy, the Ayuntamiento has temporarily abolished the fee for the opening of shops and businesses.

After the presentations and welcome of some forty students who were attending the first conference of Xàbia Emprén, the first lecture spoke about the importance of time-management to encourage staff productivity, giving tips about organisation, setting priorities and how to separate the important from the urgent. The conference continued with a lecture from Josep A. Ivars Sánchez who delved into the management of change through emotional intelligence and how to draw on this resource to respond to the changing business environment.

The conference continues throughout the week with a workshop on identity and vision for launching with success with psychologist Alfonso Hernandez Rubert who will speaking about how to focus efforts. The fourth lecture will feature Andrés Pérez Ortega who will help entrepreneurs to create their "personal brand" from their strengths and the professional position. The final workshop will be on communication skills by Celia Martín and Isabel Vila.

The workshops are free and, although registration is formally closed, those who do wish to join can telephone CREAMA Xàbia on 96 579 42 66 who will try to accommodate if there is a space in the workshop that interests them. Classes are from 7.00pm in the auditorium of the Soler Blasco Museum.


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