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Henarejos will serve as the new head of the municipal company for the next four years

Wednesday 28th October 2015

javeamigos.com | JAVEA NEWS · AMJASA

The board of directors of the municipal water company AMJASA has endorsed the appointment of Josep Lluis Henarejos as manager for the next years, despite efforts by Xàbia Democratica (XD) and the Partido Popular (PP) to have the appointment annulled, questioning the legality of the selection process.

The appointment was endorsed with six votes in favour, one against (Rosa María Pérez who represents the PP on the board) and two abstentions (Paco Catalá representing Compromís and Tere Bou, who is one of the four representatives of the PSPV ruling party).

Earlier this month Mayor José Chulvi, who is also president of the municipal water company, had explained that the selection process for the position of manager of AMJASA, which had been questioned by XD and PP, had been overseen by the legal services at the Ayuntamiento de Xàbia and endorsed at every step by the Secretary General, the ultimate interpreter of the law. For the first time, the process to select a new manager had to be conducted through interview selection according to a decree issued by Central Government and, being the first time, the system used by the Provincia de Alicante to select the manager of the Costa Blanca Tourist Board was adopted. This system, the mayor said, was approved unanimously by all members of the board of directors of AMJASA, including the representative of the PP. A Technical Evaluation Committee was formed at the beginning of October 2015, consisting of specialist technicians rather than politicians, whose job was to assess the 19 candidates who applied for the role and propose the best candidate to the board of directors. In the past, appointments were made without using a publicly-announced selection process.

The board also endorsed the purchase of three new electric vehicles, continuing its energy efficiency strategy initiated by the previous legislature which aims at progressively replacing the entire fleet with vehicles that need less maintenance, spend less fuel and reduce noise and emissions which affect the environment.


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