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This year's winners are María Inmaculada Yañez García (Solidarity) and Cine Jayan (Civic Values)

Friday 9th October 2015

javeamigos.com | JAVEA NEWS · PREMIS 9 D'OCTUBRE

October 9th, a special day of the Valencian people, saw the 20th edition of the annual civic awards at the Ayuntamiento de Xàbia, a ceremony of public recognition which is awarded to individuals and organisations for their contribution to culture or commitment to helping others. The 2015 winners were former teacher María Inmaculada Yáñez García and the Cine Jayan and they were presented with their award inside a packed town hall.

The ceremony was conducted by Lucía Catalá, Foqueres Queen 2015, who was representing the youth of Xàbia on this special day in which retired teacher Inmaculada Yáñez was being honoured, a woman who has committed much of her life to helping others, especially those most in need.

Writer Pepa Guardiola, a companion of Yáñez at CEIP Port de Xàbia, led the tributes to the former teacher who was to be awarded with the Premio 9 d'Octubre for Solidarity. Born in Aragon, she moved to Xàbia in 1983 after studying and teaching pedagogy and developed a teaching career during which she passed on important lessons of humanity to her students. Her support of the poorest families both in Xàbia and in Central America saw Yáñez involved with associations such as Cáritas Nuestra Señora de Loreto, Fontanilles Sanitorium, the Cruz Roja and humanitiarian projects in Nicaragua and Guatemala. Guardiola also emphasized qualities such as generosity, altruism and dedication to others before mayor José Chulvi awarded her with the prestigious prize. In her speech, Yáñez dedicated the award to all those who have anonymously dedicated their lives to the neediest whilst thanking the support of her family, friends, colleagues, former students and those linked with the port parish.

The second award of the day went to a bastion of local culture. Cine Jayan, which opened in 1958, is the only surviving cinema in the traditional style remaining in the Marina Alta region. Originally run by the Ortuño family and now the Catalá Ortuño family, the cinema keeps going thanks to a loyal following due to its commitment to independent film as well as original versions such as English and French which has become a rarity in the world of the multiplex. The tributes were led by Vicent Buigues, one of the promoters of the cineclub "Sete Segell" which have become an important meeting point for moviegoers across the Marina Alta for the past 23 years. He highlighted all the work that makes Cine Jayan as a primary diffuser of 'The Seventh Art' as well as the passion of its owner Antonio Catalá who collected the award from the mayor and dedicated it to the whole family who have worked together to maintain the cinema. He also praised the public: "A cinema without an audience is not a cinema and we are blessed to have an audience which is faithful and enthusiastic".

javeamigos.com | JAVEA NEWS - PREMIS 9 D'OCTUBRE


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