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Children will also be able to have breakfast at the school

Wednesday 16th September 2015

javeamigos.com | JAVEA NEWS ยท VICENTE TENA

CEIP Vicente Tena in Calle Ramon Llido has put in motion a new pilot project in response to the needs of the many parents who, due to work commitments, have to drop off their children at school before 9.00am. Called 'Escola Matinera', the initiative sees an extension of the school timetable so that children can enter school at 7.45am for pre-school activities supervised by teachers and a dedicated monitor who will both be responsible for the children. It will also be possible for the youngsters to have breakfast in the school canteen.

The school's governers, acknowledging the problems that many families experiencein combining family life with work commitments, has arranged this service with the collaboration of the company contractedfor the school canteen who will be supported by teachers in a similar arrangement for extra-curricular activities after school. School director Isabel Henarejos said - "It is the policy of the school that every time there are extra activities, a group of teachers would stay at the school to help out and to be there when problems arise".

Councillor Montse Villaverde (Education) congratulated the school on the initiative that will work to help parents find a balance between their work commitments and personal lives, providing a more comfortable option for the children.

CEIP Vicente Tena has always listened to the suggestions of the parents of its students and last school year it carried out a successful continuous day pilot along with CEIP Graull which proved to be so popular that the Ayuntamiento de Xabia received requests from CEIPs Trenc d'Alba, Port de Xabia and L'Arenal to roll out continuous day education to their centres. The initiative saw a reduction in absenteeism, an general improvement in academic results and the improvement of family life as parents struggled to adapt their work commitments with the reponsibility of collecting and dropping off their children at school during awkward hours.

javeamigos.com | JAVEA NEWS - VICENTE TENA

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