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The workshop will specialise in the operation of water distribution systems and forestry work

Friday 4th September 2015

javeamigos.com | JAVEA NEWS · XABIA IMPULSA II

The Department of Economic Development at the Ayuntamiento de Xàbia, directed by councillor Cesc Camprubi, is to launched the third edition of the employment workshop 'Xàbia Impulsa', an training initiative to boost job opportunities which has the support of the municipal water company AMJASA and the Department of the Environment.

The workshop is funded by the European Social Fund, the Generalitat Valenciana's SERVEF and the Ministry of Employment and Social Security and will provide a six-month work contract to 16 unemployment people in Xàbia to participate in a programme of theory and practical training in a specialised field.

For the third edition of Xàbia Impulsa, the students will be trained as operators of water distribution systems or as forestry workers. They will be contributing to the existing continued work for the renovation and improvement of the drinking water supply infrastructure or the cleaning and reforestation of forest areas in the municipality.

The selection of students will be carried out by SERVEF from the registered unemployed in Xàbia as will that of the four people who will be responsible for the management of the six-month workshop in the form of a monitor for each specialty, a support teacher and basic training. The basis for qualification can be found on the municipal website in Agencia de Desarrollo Local (ADL) here.

The first two editions of Xàbia Impulsa saw students complete courses in water distribution systems, plumbing skills and restoration of masonry including work on the iconic windmills of La Plana.

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