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The councillors have opened virtual mailboxes to facilitate contact with neighbours

Friday 28th August 2015

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The Ayuntamiento de Xàbia has incorporated the creation of neighbourhood councils as one of the new features of the new legislature, an initiative to decentralise administration and make it more flexible and available. A councillor has been assigned to a different area of Xàbia, allowing them to have a better perspective and better understanding of the strengths and problems. For residents, this introduces the same contact to create a more fluid relationship with the neighbourhood and its associations, attending directly and more effectively to their needs.

To facilitate contact with the public, the five councillors will have an email or virtual mailbox to which residents can forward any concerns, complaints or suggestions relating to their specific areas (see below for email contact details). In addition, the councillors will create a schedule of appointments to which all those interested can attend. At the moment, the first of these is to be arranged by councillor Marta Bañuls, responsible for the Port area, who has already received numerous requests for information from its residents.

The councillors:

* Councillor Pilar Zamora (Tourism and Heritage) will be responsible for issues relating to the Arenal zone and can be contacted at

* Councillor José Luis Luengo (Protección Civil and Urban Transportation) will be responsible for issues relating to the Thiviers zone and can be contacted at jose.luis.luengo@ajxabia.org;

* Councillor Montse Villaverde (Education and Participation) will be responsible for issues relating to the Freginal zone and can be contacted at montse.villaverde@ajxabia.org;

* Councillor Marta Bañuls (Contracting) will be responsible for issues relating to the port zone and can be contacted at marta.banuls@ajxabia.org;

* Councillor Doris Courcelles (Environment and Resident Relations) will be responsible to issues relating to the urbanisations and can be contacted at doris.courcelles@ajxabia.org;

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