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New park provides 3,700 square metres of play space for pets

Wednesday 26th August 2015

javeamigos.com | JAVEA NEWS · DOG PARK

The Ayuntamiento de Xàbia has opened the municipality's first dog park which is located in the district of Pou Moro next to the Gorgos river. It is a large green area of some 3,700 square metres equipped with bins, bag dispensers for owners to clear up after their dogs and furniture such as benches to allow owners to relax or read whilst their pets run, play and exercise.

The area, which is surrounded by a security fence, has shaded areas with trees and will soon be improved with new plantings and a play area for the dogs. The design has followed the advice given by RAMA and APASA with which the Ayuntamiento maintains direct contact.

Mayor José Chulvi, accompanied by councillors Doris Courcelles (Environment) and Kika Mata (Services) visited the area and announced its official opening, asking users to enjoy it responsibly and obeying the basic rules and being aware that they are also responsible for ensuring that their dog does not cause harm to others animals or people.

The new space has a set of guidelines for its proper use, including the obligation (legal and moral) to pick up after the dog has left a deposit, using a lead to enter and exit the area and ensuring dogs are properly identified and vaccinated. Amongst the prohibitions include the mistreatment of the animals and using the space when the dogs are sick or have aggression problems. Young children are also not allowed to enter the park to avoid accidents with larger dogs. Those who persistently disregard the guidelines may be prohibited from using the park.

The new dog park is in addition to the five pipicans already open around Xàbia and reinforces the public facilities designed for the coexistence between people and pets to be more civil with less problems, especially with regards the most common complaint related to the presence of dog mess on public pavements.

javeamigos.com | JAVEA NEWS · DOG PARK

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