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Fiesta book and full programme published for port fiesta

Monday 17th August 2015

javeamigos.com | JAVEA NEWS · LORETO 2015

Representatives from the fiesta commission of the Festes Patronals de Mare de Déu de Loreto - also known as the 'port fiestas' - visited the Ayuntamiento de Xàbia to present the publication of the official fiesta book and the full programme of events that make up this special celebration in the port. Together with mayor José Chulvi and councillor Antonio Miragall (Fiestas), they also announced the return of the iconic aquatic firework display with traditionally closes the fiesta using a series of floating platforms in order to take the launch point outside of the 500m exclusion zone which suspended the display last year.

For forty years, the firework display, considered one of the best in the region, was launched from the end of the Dique de Levante harbour wall. However, in August 2014, the regional government refused permission for its launch from the usual position due to its location just a few metres within the 500m exclusion zone designed to protect green zones, in this case the Parque Natural del Montgó. (Click here to read more.) Although the Fiesta Commission announced that it would have to be "over the sea or nothing", a colourful mascletà was eventually organised in Avda. Jaime I to bring the 2014 fiestas to and end. However, knowing that the firework display is one of the main attractions of the Loreto fiesta for both Xabieros and tourists, the Commission and the Ayuntamiento de Xàbia pledged to seek a solution to bring the display back to the bay of Xàbia.

Councillor Miragall explained that after ruling out several other options due to their excessive costs, the Ayuntamiento has hired three platforms of 42 square metres each which, once assembled, will create a floating platform of some 126 square metres in total area which will be located close to the line of buoys off the beach of La Grava. After discussion with Ricasa, the pyrotechnic company responsible, the amount of gunpowder will be reduced but the display will be closer to the coast, so the end result will be just as attractive. However, he added a warning that this is a new experience for Xàbia, being the first time that fireworks have been launched from the sea, and the display will be very much subject to the weather and the sea conditions. Thus, the Ayuntamiento preferred to rent the platforms at a cost of some 13,000 euros to evaluate their stability, strength and effectiveness in producing a decent display before opting to purchase their own equipment.

Both councillor Miragall and the mayor highlighted the efforts of the Fiesta Commission to bring back the iconic firework display and once again create another full programme of events which combine tradition, culture and sport with purely festive events such as the popular 'Bous al Mar' which will be taking place as always on the harbour from Sunday 30th August to Friday 4th September. The programme can be found in the newly-published fiesta book along with a number of special features of historical and ethnographic interest and Commission President Juanjo García congratulated everyone who contributed as it is a publication that takes many months of work to produce. Among the new additions to the 2015 programme is the traditional dancing before the main procession on September 8th, the feast day of the patron; a competition of speed painting; and a children's 'despertà', the traditional wake-up call.

The main programme, which although there are some events beforehand begins on Friday 28th August, includes all the traditional events such as the 'Bous al Mar' and its popular bar, the float parades, the spectacular 'correfocs' and the religious processions. The presentation on Friday 28th will see the introduction of the 'mayorales' - the main protagonists - for 2015: Mari Luz Soriano Chico y Juan Vicente Torres Cholbi; José Francisco Monllor García y María Victoria Periche Montoro; Francisco Marí Miñana y Sónica Poquet Solveres; Marga y José María Salort Serrat.

For the full programme of the 2015 edition of the Loreto fiesta, click here.

To discover more about the Festes Patronals de Mare de Déu de Loreto, click here for our rough guide to the celebrations.

javeamigos.com | JAVEA NEWS · LORETO 2015

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