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The five-year deal will safeguard the wells used by local farmers

Thursday 13th August 2015

javeamigos.com | JAVEA NEWS ยท AMJASA DEAL

The municipal water company AMJASA has reached an agreement with the community of Irrigators of Pedreguer to make available new sources of water to deal with the ongoing drought situation and provide greater guarantees to the population without having to utilise the wells of the Pla which are used by local farmers. They have also agreed the terms of use of a pipeline owned by the Ayuntamiento de Pedreguer which is required to channel the water into AMJASA's own distribution network.

Since late 2013, Xàbia has been looking for alternative resources to fall back on in case of severe drought in their own wells in Ocaive and Oquins. In order to achieve this, negotiations were begun with neighbouring Pedreguer and its irrigators who manage aquifers such as Micayo and Campell which historically have been much more reliable in time of drought, both in volume and quality of the water they produced.

After several months of talks, an agreement has finally been reached for sustained purchase of water at a reasonable price which was yesterday approved by the board of directors at AMJASA and today signed in Pedreguer by mayor José Chulvi and his counterpart Sergi Ferrús as well as José Alberto Fornes, president of the irrigators association.

Specifically, it has been agreed that for a minimum of five years, AMJASA will buy a monthly minimum of 10,000 euros worth of water, which amounts to some 300,000 cubic metres, up to a maximum of 600,000 cubic metres, an agreement which may be extended in cases of urgent necessity if the supply is available. The commitment would only be suspended in the event that it is detected that the water being supplied is unfit for human consumption so AMJASA will be take care of the control of water quality, taking regular samples for analysis.

The municipal water company's chief executive Josep Lluis Henarejos assured residents that this agreement has been made without having to raise water rates and fits the needs of the municipality during the summer when the desalination plant cannot produce enough water to guarantee supply across the municipality.  Even outside the of demanding summer months, the cost per cubic meter of water from Pedreguer is less than the cost of producing the same in the desalination plant.

In addition, an agreement has been signed with the Ayuntamiento de Pedreguer for the use of a pipeline which would be required to channel the water supply into the AMJASA network. A 15 year deal has been signed with a fixed annual payment of 8,000 euros plus a variable maintenance fee based on the volume of water which will pass through it. However, Pedreguer reserves the right to decide the most appropriate use of the infrastructure, giving priority to the requirements of its own municipality.

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