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Regular appointments will begin very soon in the port library

Thursday 30th July 2015

javeamigos.com | JAVEA NEWS · MARTA BAÑULS

Among her many responsibilities, councillor Marta Bañuls has taken on the newly-established role of liaison for residents living in the port area. In the next few weeks, she will be setting out a timetable for regular appointments in the 'Bilblioteca de Duanes', the public library in Avda. del Botanic Cabanilles, so that residents can meet with her personally. And in October there are plans to hold a special meeting for the Hospitality sector to address their needs.

Bañuls said that at the moment residents have made known their concerns about small urban and service details such as condition of pavements, trees, parking and street lighting. She confirmed that deficiencies brought to light by a recent audit will be addressed before the end of the year, including the modification to the street lighting along the La Grava promenade to LED bulbs which will be more respectful to the environment. There is also a plan to prune the trees of Avda. Jaume I and to repair the drainage gully of Cuesta de San Antonio once the summer season is over. Other requests have already been met, such as the creation of a new parking area for motorcycles.

Bañuls is one of the newly-constituted "neighbourhood councillors", a new initiative for the Ayuntamiento which hopes to create a more direct method of communication with residents in the different areas of Xàbia to listen to their problems and requests as well as involve them in the decisions and debates than affect their neighbourhood.

Marta can be contacted via email at marta.banuls@ajxabia.org.

Other sectors with their own representative councillors are Freginal (Montse Villaverde), Thiviers (José Luis Luengo) and the Arenal (Pilar Zamora). Details on how to contact these representatives will follow soon.

Marta Bañuls is part of the new breed of young councillors who have been given the chance to work for their community after the PSOE's stunning victory in the local elections of last May - click here to read more. She works as a economist and tax advisor and lives in the port so she knows its needs and requirements just as well as anyone. In the PSOE manifesto published during the election campaign, she listed as one of her wishes for the future of Xàbia being to create an environment where its young people can decide to remain in the town to live, work and raise a family.

For more information about the responsibilities of your councillors, click here.

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