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Jose Chulvi defends decision to temporarily suspend the sale of water to neighbouring municipalities

Tuesday 21st July 2015

javeamigos.com | JAVEA NEWS · WATER MAYOR

Fifteen years ago, the Ayuntamiento de Xàbia took the brave decision to build a seawater desalination plant. At the time, it was a bold resolution to develop such an innovative and ambitious public entity, with no financial help from external public administrations and committing the town to an investment of no less than 24 million euros.

In those difficult times, when the taps only produced salty water and drinking water was supplied from public tanks, which became a part of the scene every summer, Xàbia took the risk, despite some public opposition, and opted for a long term solution.

Many years have passed since we opened the desalination plant. In some years the rain was so abundant that the desalination plant could even be disconnected. But during all this time, the citizens of Xàbia continued to pay their water bills, with the promise of the peace of mind that there would be a guaranteed supply of quality water in times of scarcity.

I do not think anyone should be surprised now, if we have to choose between stopping the sale of water to neighbouring towns or leave Xàbia citizens without water, it would be a painful decision but one which it is clear had to be taken.

We are the first to understand that when a town has a shortage of drinking water, it touches a raw nerve. However, we cannot allow ourselves to be branded as unsympathetic as a justification for others not acting on time. especially, when in recent years, Xàbia, despite being better prepared to face a drought situation, has provided our plant as a basis on which to build a structural solution to a problem which we warned would affect everybody.

We have convened meetings and technical seminars for those responsible from neighbouring towns and we have proposed serious agreements (for example, a commitment to purchase for a minimum of five years), as collateral to give us sufficient confidence to expand the plant and its production capacity, which of course implies a greater investment and additional maintenance costs.

What we have found during this time is a haggling over cents; months have passed and despite meetings we did not get any better commitment than the usual "and I'll buy water if I need it and if you give me good price".

We are a supportive town and believe in the unity of the region. But they cannot complain that, without giving any commitment to a serious agreement with Xàbia, we should consider more investments from our own pocket, so that the desalination plant has the capacity to produce a surplus if the need arises.

However, we are putting ourselves in the shoes of those who now face restrictions, and we are working to reduce the consumption of our consumers and as soon as we are able to do so, we will re-establish supplies if they wish us to do so.

It is easy is blame others, but more useful to find solutions.

José F. Chulvi
Mayor of Xàbia


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