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javeamigos.com | SPECIAL FEATURES · Punta Estrella Charters

javeamigos.com | SPECIAL FEATURE · Punta Estrella Charters

We spent a day on the water with Punta Estrella Charters, a young company based in Dénia which offers customised day sailing trips to discover the spectacular beaches and coves of Jávea often hidden from view from the land. We had a fantastic day, seeing the coast from another angle and enjoying some swimming and snorkelling in crystal clear waters close to Granadella, and would recommend a similar trip to everyone.

Our day began by visiting the offices of Punta Estrella Charters in Dénia Marina where we met Anna and Sam, two young people who have been offering charters out of Dénia since late 2012. Whilst Anna is in charge of the marketing side of the business, dealing with their clients and partners as well as coordinating charters and keeping a tight schedule on things, Sam handles the maintenance and brokerage of side of the boats as well as giving sailing lessons and working as skipper on some of the charters. It's a happy enthusiastic team.

We set out on the 'Lady Maïa', a classy cruiser close to 12 metres in length with enough space to take seven of us quite comfortably as well as Sam, a very laid-back but thoroughly professional skipper with a love for the ocean. Brought up in Moraira, he has worked all his life in the boating world having been struck by the sailing bug at the age of eight and recently delivered a boat from Hawaii to Seattle. It has always been his dream to buy his own boat and 'Lady Maïa' is that dream.

On this fine June morning, there was barely a breath of wind so we had to rely on the engine to motor along the northern flanks of the Cabo de San Antonio, picking out the famous landmarks of the Torre de Gerro and the Cova Tallada as well as some not so well known features such as 'Melcior i Gracìa', two lovers from either side of the headland who sit in perpetuity on top of their donkey on the very cliff edge. As we rounded the very snout of the cape, the lighthouse, subject of a controversial hotel project and subsequent protest by residents, stood some 162 metres high above us and then we entered the wide bay and it seemed that whole of Jávea could be seen stretching from the urbanisations to the south along the coast to the port and old town to the north.

As we passed the pyramid-like headland of Cap Prim and the island of Portitxol, a hint of some tangible wind spurred Sam into action as he rolled out the sails in a bid to try and harness it but Mother Nature was having none of it and we continued on our journey by engine. The huge headland of Cabo de la Nao rose high above us, its lighthouse clearly visible as well as the famous Cova dels Orguens, a huge natural cavity into which small vessels can easily enter and described in detail by Valencian naturalist J A Cavanilles at the end of the 18th century.

Heading towards the bay of Granadella, we averted our eyes as we passed by the Playa del Ambolo but marvelled at the stunning landscape of the steep cliffs and hidden coves, luxury villas clinging to the edge. Passing by the elongated Illa del Descobridor, which popular legend suggests was named after a local sailor called Bartolomé who was part of the crew of Christopher Columbus' vessel the Santa María during his discovery of America, Sam guided the 'Lady Maïa' into a beautiful cove hidden from view from the land.

Diving into the crystal clear waters from the back of the yacht was an absolute delight. Snorkelling on the surface revealed a wonderful world underneath several metres deep with shoals of colourful fish darting through the water. With steep cliff face rising steeply above us, we explored huge boulders that had fallen many years ago and created a network of half-submerged tunnels which glistened beautifully in the sunshine as if lined by a series of underwater lights. After a long, lazy lunch, we made a leisurely return to Dénia to be welcomed back by Anna.

An all-inclusive day trip on the 'Lady Maïa' is just 595 euros during the summer (subject to availability · July and August are already fully booked), a price which includes up to eight hours at sea for a maximum of seven people with a skipper, a full tapas lunch with wine and non-alcoholic drinks and all the extra costs like fuel and cleaning. From mid-September there is a special offer of just 50 euros per person with clients more than welcome to bring their own lunch and drinks, although something can be prepared on request. At the moment they are working on chartering more boats to offer similar sailing trips whilst they also have various motor launches available which can take larger groups of up to 11 people and prices can be sought on application. They will do their utmost to find an option to suit your requirements and budget, whether it be a weekend in June or a day in August. Day trips on Lady Maïa can be arranged throughout the year except in August when it's exclusively available for week-long slots, sometimes across to the islands of Ibiza and Formentera where they would leave the mainland at sunset and take a leisurely seven hours to arrive at the islands just as the sun rises in the east, a spectacular experience. They are also available for two-week charters to go further afield to the islands of Mallorca and Menorca.

Anna expained that a big philosophy of Punta Estrella Charters was to only work with companies and boats that they knew and had seen before they charter them so that they can vouch for every single boat and person that they work with. They make sure that all the boats are legal and 100% equipped with all the safety equipment necessary. As beautiful as the sea is, she added, people should be respectful towards it and anticipate that things can go wrong. She added that they aim to offer a personal service to their clients, thinking out of the box and adapting to any wishes that they may have. They wanted to be a little different to others and give their clients that little extra service, whether it be staying out for that extra half hour, preparing a sushi lunch on board (Sam is also a trained sushi chef) or sailing to Ibiza to pick up clients.

We would definitely recommend Punta Estrella Charters for a chance to experience Jávea from the sea. They offer great discounts on last minute offers and there are still some free weekdays available in June and the same will apply in September.

Mention javeamigos.com when booking for a 10% discount. Click here to view their Premium Listing in our Business Directory.

And for more details, see their website www.puntaestrellacharters.com or visit their Facebook page here.

javeamigos.com | JAVEA SPECIAL FEATURE - Punta Estrella Charters

javeamigos.com | SPECIAL FEATURE · Punta Estrella Charters

javeamigos.com | SPECIAL FEATURE · Punta Estrella Charters

javeamigos.com | SPECIAL FEATURE · Punta Estrella Charters

javeamigos.com | SPECIAL FEATURE · Punta Estrella Charters

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