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Mayor José Chulvi meets English-speaking residents to ask for their support for a second term in office

Monday 30th March 2015

javeamigos.com | JAVEA NEWS · JOSE CHULVI

With barely two months to go until the local elections, mayor José Chulvi, the PSOE candidate for mayor, met English-speaking residents to ask them to support him in helping to build a better community for Jávea in a special presentation at the Parador de Jávea overlooking the beach of the Arenal. Supported by several of the candidates who were announced at the end of last month (click here for more information), the mayor outlined the achievements of the last four years and his aims and objectives for the next four years should he be re-elected as mayor.

About 150 people attended the presentation on Monday morning and were welcomed by George Thomas, president of the Jávea branch of the PSOE, the only foreigner in the whole of Spain to hold such an honour. He spoke about his relationship with José Chulvi who he had known for some ten years before introducing councillor Doris Courcelles, responsible for Services, the Environment and Beaches, who spoke for a few minutes on the work that has been done by her departments. She said that there was always lots of work but that she wanted to be given the opportunity to continue that hard work for another four years. She finished her short presentation with the news that a new "doggie-park" was due to be opened close to the old town and that it was possible that there may be a second in the pipeline that might cater for the urbanisations.

George Thomas then introduced a number of PSOE candidates including councillors Antonio Miragall (Tourism), Paco Torres (Public Works), Cesc Camprubi (New Technologies and Citizen Participation) as well as a number of new faces such as Pilar Zamora, Isabel Bolufer, Marta Bañuls and Kika Mata before the showing of a short video outlining the achievements of the last four years with colourful images from around the municipality accompanied by phrases such as "We listen and learn", "We love Xàbia" and "This is what we are".

José Chulvi finally took centre stage and spoke for almost twenty minutes in English about the achievements made during the last four years, reminding those present that the promises made four years ago had been met. It had always been the objective to re-invent local politics and to make it more transparent and accountable to the people of Xàbia. He arrived in 2011 a little green but after four years he feels that he can approach the elections in May with far more experience, thanks to an excellent team supporting him, adding that he still had much to do.

He spoke about the changes made since the last elections, beginning with those he saw as 'invisible successes' which included structural changes at the Ayuntamiento de Xàbia. He said that the town hall had always been seen as a distant, opaque-entity and visiting it was "like going to the moon with little chance of success". He said that this has changed so that the Ayuntamiento can now be seen to be closer to its people, more responsible to them and trustworthy. He added that it was now an entity which was not afraid to meet a challenge and was prepared to listen to people with respect. He announced that over the past four years there had been not one single case of misconduct, no disruptions and no unpopular or detrimental projects. He said that there was no room for those who wanted to improve their own personal ambitions as well as those of their friends.

The more obvious changes had been the development of the OAC Citizen Advice Bureau, the improvements to the Arenal promenade, the new Tourist Info Office right on the promenade during the busier times of the year, improvements to more than 42,000 metres of roads with roundabouts to improve traffic flow and road safety, the new bus station, the new port library, improvements to Avenida Jaime I in the port, the start of the project to refurbish and re-open the Central Cinema, the renovations work to the iconic windmills and the Riurau d'Arnauda which now has a roof once again as well as the opening of a new access to the seafront after the acquisition and demolition of the derelict Villa Sarita. Local unemployment is well below the national average, the quality of services have been improved in urbanisations, the municipal water company AMJASA has been guaranteeing water supply during recent drought conditions and has even been selling water to other municipalities, investing the profits back into the infrastructure whilst steps have also been taken to protect the local environment.

He highlighted the fact that he had not taken a single penny out of the Ayuntamiento coffers as a salary, preferring to re-invest the 200,000 euros or so he would have earned over the past four years into social projects to help those less fortunate people in the town, especially the unemployed. His role as a PSOE representative at the Diputación de Alicante also means that he can lobby for benefits for Xàbia and the Marina Alta region and has been able to secure some 2 million euros of funding from the provincial government for the town, money that would have been otherwise lost.

He also spoke of the constant battles with the Generalitat Valenciana over local issues such as the proposal to convert the lighthouse of San Antonio into a hotel and the recent application to take some of La Grava beach for a private enterprise. He said that there had been no hidden agenda in Xàbia and that everyone would be known by his actions.

He then spoke about his candidate list, of which 13 are women and 11 are men, and explained that it represents different ages and backgrounds and would, he believed, provide the strength to win the forthcoming election with a sufficient majority to form a stable local government which listens to everyone: the young and the old, those who work and those who don't. He said that these are crucial elections which will define local politics for the next twenty years.

He finished his presentation by confirming that an effective link has to be built with foreign residents of Xàbia to build a better community. He said that expats were a vital part of the future of the town and, for all intents and purposes, Xabieros since they had chosen to come and live here; it didn't matter where you were born, it is your town. He said he needed help to make Xàbia a better place to live and that meant he would like to count on your vote.

The presentation concluded with coffee and snacks with José and his team.

More photos from the presentation can be found on our Facebook page here.

javeamigos.com | JAVEA NEWS · JOSE CHULVI


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