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Presentation marked the official launch of the coalition agreement

Monday 30th March 2015

javeamigos.com | JAVEA NEWS · XD - CPJ

The coalition of Xabia Democratica (XD) and Ciudadanos por Javea (CPJ) presented their candidate list last Saturday at a ceremony held in the Art Camp, the workshop-nursery  of Toni Marí in Camí Cabanes. Several hundred supporters and friends of the two parties attended the event which marked the official launch of the agreement. They enjoyed music and Spanish cuisine before greeting the announcements of the candidates.

The electoral list brings together the current five councillors of the two parties who are part of the governing council in Javea. Oscar Anton leader of XD will lead the field of twenty-four candidates who represent the expat and Spanish community in Javea. He is joined in the top seven spots by councillor and current deputy mayor Juan Ortolà (CPJ · Public Safety, Events, Civil Protection and Fiestas), councillor Teresa Bisquert (CPJ · Social Services), councillor Juan Luis Cardona (XD · Sports, Trade and Agriculture) and councillor Pere Sapena (XD · Town Planning and the Environment) along with Amanda Dean-Pyott (XD) and César Rodríguez (CPJ).

In an emotional address in very windy conditions, Oscar Anton pointed out that the two parties  have represented a major part of the management in the municipal government for the last four years and that many of the important aspects of life in Javea has been formed and substantially improved by these councillors. In addition, they have come to realise that they also share similar objectives: to help people and improve Xàbia.

He stressed that all the positive steps have not been done by one person, one party or one brand but by people, all the people who are part of the coalition who have worked for the town out of a sense of commitment and willingness to help and improve it. He added that after the 2011 elections they discovered a shattered town, in deep economic crisis, with deep distrust for the political leaders, with no space for dialogue or understanding. "In these four years we have demonstrated our ability to talk, to work and to achieve collective goals, with the sole aim of improving Javea," he said before describing the ideals that best describes this coalition as being INCORPORATION, COMPREHENSION, TEAMWORK, INTEGRATION, INVOLVEMENT, IMPARTIALITY.

He added that the  coalition now wanted to convey to all a message of optimism, confidence and encouragement. "Javea is a town with great potential and we have much to offer. We have passed the initial phase, making improvements in the departments we have managed in the Ayuntamiento. However the councillors are not satisfied with just that. The coalition shares big plans for the future of Javea which we will be making public in the coming weeks."

The complete list for XD CpJ coalition:

1. Oscar Anton
2. Juan Ortolá
3. Juan Luis Cardona
4. Tere Bisquert
5. Amanda Dean
6. Pere Sapena
7. César Rodriguez
8. Juan Garreta
9. Yvonne Henry
10. Lorna Ainsworth
11. José Antonio Buigues
12. Carlos Moragues
13. Gema Piedehierro
14. Toni Mari
15. Jaime Escudero
16. Rosa Mansell
17. José Garrido
18. Lindy McGillycuddy
19. Antonio Rodriguez
20. Tim Ladd
21. Amanda Philips
22. Keith Hyde
23. Adriana Jimenez
24. Sisco Valles

More photos from the presentation can be found on our Facebook page here.

javeamigos.com | JAVEA NEWS · XD · CPJ


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