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The off-season deals include two nights with cultural, gastronomical and outdoor activities

Thursday 22nd January 2015

javeamigos.com | JAVEA NEWS · Wintersun Web Series

A new tourism campaign called "XÀBIA: MEMORIA DEL MEDITERRÁNEO" has been launched by the Department of Tourism to promote the town as an off-season short-stay holiday destination. To be promoted at tourism fairs like the forthcoming FITUR in Madrid, the campaign offers not only the image of Jávea but also activities and services for tourists thanks to a collaboration with the business sector of the municipality as well as hotels, restaurants and companies in the leisure sector, especially those specialising in water activities.

Launching the campaign with the slogan "Te mereces más que unas vacaciones en verano" (which translates to "You deserve more than a holiday in summer"), councillor Antonio Miragall revealed that there will be seven packages available for off-season weekend breaks offering two night accommodation with breakfast, lunch or dinner at one of the fifteen participating restaurants and a themed schedule of activities: cultural and leisure (theatrical and historic guided walks), food (local gastronomy guided walks) and outdoor activities (walking along Cap Prim to enjoy the stunning view of the bay of Jávea). The price will start at 55 euros per person which will vary depending on the chosen hotel.

In addition, brochures have been published to include other services or activities on offer in the town with special prices for those who want to enjoy these getaway breaks which could include car rental from the airports or a special shopping gift draw. Some of the breaks have also been arranged to coincide with established events like the Xàbia Folk Festival and the Xàbia al Plat gastronomic festivals. All these getaways are being marketed by the two travel agencies in Jávea (I LOVE VIAJES and JAMBO TRAVEL) as well as through online media with a website with all the information and dates to be activated next week.

To spread the information about this new campaign, the Department has prepared a media plan with three local companies (SOL DE INVIERNO, LA BANYERA and SALABRE COMUNICACIÓ) to create the image, promotional videos and circulation on social media networks. Josep Vicent Miralles, spokesman for the creative team, explained that the work has revolved around selling the identity of Jávea and its values as an off-season tourist destination.

Councillor Miragall expressed great satisfaction in involving the private sector in the local promotion of this interesting campaign which will be presented at FITUR in Madrid next week where, he explained, Jávea will have a desk within the Comunidad Valenciana stand which will be manned by a local tourist office representative as well as a media presentation of "XÀBIA: MEMORIA DEL MEDITERRÁNEO" which will also feature in the presentation of the WINTERSUN web series as well as at a meeting with the Spanish Tourism Office (OET) in Rome. The town will also be represented at the DIVE TRAVEL SHOW diving fair in Madrid in early February, a presence assisted by six diving clubs from the municipality as well as annual fairs in Utrecht (Netherlands), Brussels (Belgium), Paris (France) and the famous FIRA DE TOT SANTS in Concentaina in the autumn.

javeamigos.com | JAVEA NEWS · Wintersun Web Series


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