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The pioneering tool give flexibility to taxpayers in the municipality

Monday 5th January 2015


Taxpayers in Jávea will have longer to set up a customised tax payment plan after mayor José Chulvi signed a resolution to extend the deadline for doing so to Friday 16th January. This pioneering tool launched by the local tax collection service allows residents to spread their tax obligations across the year to suit their own financial schedule as well as offering up to 4% discount for those who settled their balances before January 16th (note that there is no penalty for those who pay later in the year).

The personalised payment system was launched in 2013 and each year the Ayuntamiento de Xàbia has made an effort to inform residents of the advantages of the tool. Among the innovations has been the payments simulator which has been available on the municipal website (click here) to allow residents to work out their tax obligations depending on their payment schedule, where it be quarterly, monthly or in one single payment. The benefit of this system for the Ayuntamiento was tto be abe to spread liquidity in the municipal coffers more evenly as currently some 70% of tax revenue is collected in the second half of the year.

In 2015 the simulator has been improved to make it more useful for decision-making. To increase the use of the system, some 18,000 to 19,000 information pamphlets have been sent out to residents to explain the benefits of the personalised payment plan. There have been some delays with the delivery of this information as it coincided with the issue of other notices sent out by the collection department to advise and assist taxpayers with outstanding debts to the Ayuntamiento on viable solutions to avoid embargoes places on the debtor's bank accounts. Most of the information pamphlets were sent out during the second half of December but it has become clear that some of them did not reach their destination in sufficient time for those taxpayers interested in taking up the option of a customsed payment plan being able to arrange it with the tax department or to organised their direct debits. The Ayuntamiento wishes to apologise to those who have been affected by the delay.

To enable everyone to take advantage of the payment plan option, the registration period has been extended to Friday 16th December with all the benefits of taking up the system to remain in place.

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