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Sixteen trainees will be subsidised by SERVEF with a six-contract with the Ayuntamiento

Wednesday 3rd December 2014

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The 'Ayuntamiento de Xàbia' has launched two new employment workshops which will be subsidised by SERVEF, the Ministry of Employment and the European Social Fund. This is the second edition of 'Xàbia Impulsa' which is a training programme that combines theory with practice and proved to be very successful with AMJASA last year. The second edition offers 16 places (plus four contracts for lecturers) and the selected trainees will be offered a six-month contract with the Ayuntamiento de Xàbia.

Councillor Juan Luis Cardona (Economic Development) explained that the programme has a budget of some 145,000 euros of which salaries of 941 euros will make up some 130,000 euros. It is aimed at unemployed residents of Jávea who are above the age of 25 years who have registered with SERVEF, an initiative of the Generalitat Valenciana which, among other objectives, aims to improve the chances of re-entry into the job market through training, who will select the trainees. The councillor added that priority is to be given to women, especially those who have been victims of abuse, and those long-term unemployed above the age of 55 years as well as those suffering from a disability or at risk of social exclusion.

The type of training offered by the courses will be for operating distribution systems for water (trainees will work with staff from the municipal water company AMJASA in carrying out works for improving the distribution network in the town) and masonry specialising in heritage restoration with trainees working on the project to restore one of the town's iconic windmills, overseen by the archaeology department. The courses will begin on December 26th and conclude six months later on June 26th.

Mayor José Chulvi said that the workshops are an example of how the Ayuntamiento de Xàbia has continued to find ways to provide active employment policies as well as job options for the unemployed of the town, one of the main concerns of the local government, despite regulatory difficulties and a freeze on public employment imposed by the State. He added that this year the council has also promoted the 'Plan de Empleo Social' initiative which has provided 30 jobs and has now fought to get these interesting educational learning programmes which also offer a salary which provides an "important incentive" for people without income to devote themselves to improving their prospects. The mayor stressed that these projects have had a positive impact on Jávea with workers from the 'Plan de Empleo Social' clearing roads, gullies and ravines as well as forested areas and now the new training workshops looking to improve public services such as the supply of water as well as those of a social interest to add value to municipal heritage.

As president of AMJASA, the mayor said that the first edition of 'Xàbia Impulsa' was highly valued by the municipal water company in terms of meeting its social obligations as well as improving its efforts to modernise the water distribution system. During this year, ten trainees have been working as plumbers to meet important obligations such as the renewal of the network in area such as Granadella and Adsubia, the maintenance and cleaning of the water tanks in Calvario and Balcón al Mar, and the installations of sprinklers on the roof of the sports centre in the port to clean the solar panels and side windows. Moreover, AMJASA contracts much of its work to local companies so the training has provided good prospects for further employment.

As for the other specialised training relating to the restoration of the town's heritage, the project will allow the consolidation of windmill number 1, the only municipal property not to have had some restoration work after windmills number 8 and 2. This work, as well as the improvement of the surrounding area and access paths, will conclude conservation work which has placed great value on all the monuments during the current term.

And besides these two workshops that will be coordinated by the Ayuntamiento de Xàbia's 'Local Development Agency', SERVEF is also supporting CREAMA, the consortium for the economic recovery of the Marina Alta of which Jávea is part, that will also benefit residents of the town. In this case, the training (for 30 people) is for specialist work in nurseries, gardens and garden centres, the social care for dependent people in social institutions, and social care for people at home.

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