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Procedures coordinate between all municipal resources, including voluntary bodies

Saturday 1st November 2014

javeamigos.com | JAVEA · FLOODS

The Ayuntamiento de Xàbia has held a coordination meeting of the municipal and voluntary bodies which would be deployed against the risk of flooding in Jávea. Headed by either mayor José Chulvi or councillor Juan Ortolá (Security), the advisory committee will include representatives from the Policia Local, Protección Civil, Cruz Roja, the health centres as well as from the Departments of Environment & Services, Works, Communication and Social Services. In addition, local weather enthusiast Toni Bolufer, who maintains the local weather page called MeteoXabia and has an extensive network of rain gauges across the town, will also be involved.

The coordination meeting established mechanisms of action in the event of heavy rain hitting Jávea, both to protect the population as well as monitor the precipitation levels and the flow of water in the river Gorgos and other gullies and streams. These procedures will involve other municipalities in the drainage basin and with the 112 emergency service as well as organise a response to deal with any situation that might occur.

The procedures will activate before an emergency situation is declared by the 112 emergency service so that preventative actions can be taken such as the suspension of classes at schools across the municipality as well as public events. In an emergency, the committee will also determine where to locate the coordination posts, which jobs are the priority and if necessary, seek external support and evacuate and establish shelters which would then be coordinated at all times with Emergencias.

Flooding in Jávea
Whilst enjoying the pleasant warm autumn sunshine, it's hard to accept that flooding has played a major part in the modern history of Jávea. However the town holds the national record for the amount of rain to fall in 24 hours, a deluge that led to the devastating floods of October 1957 which destroyed a large part of the town. The Marina Alta region has suffered significant flooding ever since and Jávea hasn't escaped. In October 2007, the town was inundated when the river Gorgos broke its banks and floods swamped the plain and torrents swept down the natural drainage gully of Camí de la Fontana and into the canal of the same name, dragging boats from their moorings and forcing them under the low bridge to eject into the rough seas of the bay of the Arenal. Most were smashed onto the beach by the huge waves; some disappeared under, never to be seen again. The Arenal itself became what was described as a "shallow lake" with underground car-parks and storerooms flooded and businesses swamped with the muddy waters. The low-lying areas are prone to flooding due to poor natural drainage and a study by PATRICOVA considered it a significant risk area · yet construction has been allowed in recent years which may have contributed to the flooding experienced in 2007. We all know that when it rains in Jávea, it can rain particularly heavily. In late August 2013, a severe storm passing over the Montgó caused flash flooding in the town with rainwater running down off the mountain and the plateau to create raging torrents in the narrow streets of the old town. At one point, waves of water were crashing over the old roundabout in the Placeta del Convent yet within a few minutes it was all over. Which just proves that it's not all sun in Jávea.

Remembering Jávea's "Great Flood" · click here.

javeamigos.com | JAVEA · FLOODS

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