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In the past year, some 5,500 litres of used cooking oil has been collected

Thursday 29th October 2014

javeamigos.com | JAVEA · RECYCLING

The Department of Environment and Services has made available to the public all of the data that is specific to the management of rubbish generated in Jávea via the municipal website · www.ajxabia.com · and these figures show that residents of the town are increasingly aware of the importance of recycling their waste products. With three months of the year remaining, almost 21% of the 13,200 metric tons of rubbish that has been generated in the town has been deposited in the special recycling containers (glass, paper / cardboard and plastic packaging) during 2014, the highest figure ever recorded. This recyclable waste has been collected and managed by private companies which has reduced the overall cost of waste management to the Ayuntamiento de Xàbia.

Up to the end of September, some 1,234 metric tons of glass had been collected from the green recycling containers, a 13% increase of the same period of 2013 when 1,092 metric tons was collected. With regards to the paper and cardboard recycling, 890 metric tones has been collected up to the end of last month, a massive 34% increase of the same period last year; in fact, the figure for the first nine months of this year is already higher than the total amount for the whole of 2013 when 837 metric tons was collected. As for plastics, there has been an increase of just over 7.1% with 596 metric tons collected as opposed to 566 during the same period in 2013.

Another positive from the recent assessment has been the collection of used cooking oil which has been traditionally poured down the sink after use; the Department of Environment has explained that for every litre of oil deposited in this manner, up to one thousand litres of water can be contaminated. Having enlarged the network of collection points across the three nuclei of Jávea last November, recycling of used cooking oil has increased substantially with some 5,500 litres collected.

There has been one decline in a certain area of recycling and that is in clothing and footwear which has dropped almost 5% to 66,794 kilograms against the same period in 2013 when 70,257 kilograms. It could be that in the continuing economic climate, families are making these items last just that little bit longer by making simple repairs.

Councillor Doris Courcelles (Environment and Services) explained that the figures have been made available on the website as part of the continuing policy of transparency across the Ayuntamiento de Xàbia. The website also contains information about the location of the 'Punt Verd' recycling points, the opening hours and conditions of use of municipal rubbish sites of Ramblars (garden waste) and the Ecoparc (for waste generated that cannot be deposited at the waste collection points, such as old batteries and lightbulbs, old furniture and electronics, etc. · see our guide below) as well as details of the door-to-door collection of rubbish for commercial properties and furniture removal services. The relevant page can be accessed here.

For more about recycling in Jávea, read our special guide here.

javeamigos.com | JAVEA · RECYCLING

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