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The town hall designates over 116,000 euros for soil protection and infrastructure repair

Wednesday 24th September 2014

javeamigos.com | JAVEA · MONTGÓ FIRE

Mayor José Chulvi has signed a resolution that declares that necessary work to prevent damage and ensure adequate recovery of the landscape after the September 11th fire be considered as "emergency" work. This procedure gives absolute priority to these tasks for which a budget of 116,973 euros has been allocated. Among the works to be covered by this project will be those to protect the soil and character of the forested areas including the removal of burned trees and those showing signs of infestation, the proper treatment of the surviving species, the encouragement of indigenous wildlife as well as the construction of anti-erosion barriers on the slopes. In addition, work will be carried out on the improvement of roads and tracks, the restoration of dykes and of the masonry of the terracing which are at risk of collapse.

The mayor explained that the day following the fire, several municipal departments (such as the Department of Environment and the Policía Local) began to prepared reports reflecting the situation in the affected zone and grading those recovery tasks which cannot be put off. This analysis was used to declare the "emergency",  an exceptional system for rapid response to catastrophic events that streamlines the bureaucracy.

Among the risks identified by the Department of Environment were the potential for falling branches and damage to the root systems which would weaken the overall strength of the trees which could endanger people and property, especially around the lighthouse road and the tracks regularly used by walkers. In addition, partially burned tree could cause infestation and increase the risk of soil erosion and nutrient loss after the heavy rains that normally arrive during the autumn; these trees would need to be removed. Risks identified by the Policía Local include the displacement of rocks, soil and trees during the heavy rains and they have identified a need to stabilise these areas. On a regional level, the territorial directorate of the Department of Infrastructure in Alicante have considered urgent action in zones with a major risk of degradation and those used regularly by visitors to the area.

After making an economic assessment of the value of these urgent works, the Ayuntamiento de Xàbia has released the necessary funds which will be confirmed during the September meeting of the council on Thursday 25th as part of a credit modification. This will mean that work can begin immediately as permission has already been sought from the regional Department of Infrastructure.

The mayor indicated that this is only the beginning of the work that is to be done in the area of Montgó, tasks which will be coordinated with the board of the Parque Natural del Montgó which has already announced an initial investment of 175,000 euros as well as with the residents of La Plana with which the Ayuntamiento maintains "constant communication". This afternoon, the mayor has scheduled a meeting with the director of the Parque which will also be attended by a representative of those residents to resolve the doubts of those living on La Plana as well as to keep informed of developments in the recovery of the zone.


javeamigos.com | JAVEA · MONTGO FIRE

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