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Hotel and campsite occupancy rose significantly compared to 2013 whilst rentals were down

Monday 1st September 2014

javeamigos.com | JAVEA · AUGUST FIGURES

According to data supplied by the hospitality sector in Jávea, the Department of Tourism has reported that occupancy levels in hotels during the summer have been some 91% of the 1,095 available beds, a four-point rise on 2013, whilst the average occupancy in the two official campsites in the municipality rose by a massive eleven points to 87%. However rentals of registered private property dropped slightly to an average of 96%, compared to 98% during the summer of 2013. And using the 'Fórmula de Estimacion Turística (FET)' which calculates population levels based on water consumption and waste generation, the Department headed by councillor Antonio Miragall was able to determine that an average of 41,252 tourist per day stayed in the town during the month of August, which is slightly up to 2013 (41,008). For July, the FET was used to reckon that an average of 33,004 tourists a night stayed in town, a slight drop on 2013 (33,733).

During July and August, the peak summer months, the Department said that the three Tourist Info offices in the historic centre, the port and on the Arenal beach were visited by 35,584 people who made just over 20,000 requests for information. Whilst in July, 57% of those visits and enquiries were made by foreign visitors, this dropped to 51% during August. The main international visitors were from the United Kingdom and France followed by those from Holland and Germany. With regards to domestic tourists, the majority came from Madrid and Valencia. The most common enquiries made at the Tourist Info offices were about general local information such as beaches and coves to visit, the network of lookout points known as 'miradores' (click here for related information on the Mirador Challenge), outdoor activities such as walking and hiking trails (click here for related information on walking in Jávea), cultural activities and fiestas (click here for related information on fiestas in Jávea) as well as things to see and do in the surrounding area (click here for related information on things to do in the Costa Blanca).

Some 75 people attended the guided walks 'Senderismo+' offered by the Department of Tourism have included bilingual excursions to discover to local microreserves of flora, the marine reserve, the 'Parque Natural de Montgó' as well as archaeological visits to the Roman sites and the iconic windmills of La Plana which included a tasting of typical food products. The four theatrical routes were attended by 132 people whilst the guided tours in foreign languages attracted some 84 curious visitors. The special themed routes - La Vila Nocturna, Xàbia Gastronómica and Yincana Familiar - were enjoyed by 251 people with the night walk in the historic centre the most successful (click here to see photos of this particular tour on our FB page).

Based on these figures and considering the continuing global economic situation, the municipal policy maker considers the campaign to be seen as "positive" due to the slight improvement on 2013. Councillor Antonio Miragall (Tourism) noted the good occupancy rates, especially in August, which has been better than previous years. However, he acknowledges that the sector has noticed that there is a tendency for short stays and to spend less money.

Click here for more information about taking a holiday in Jávea.

javeamigos.com | JAVEA · AUGUST FIGURES


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