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The council also supports APASA and the AMPAS of the education centres

Wednesday 30th July 2014

javeamigos.com | JAVEA · TOWN HALL FUNDING

Mayor José Chulvi has signed cooperation agreements with several social, economic, education, sports and cultural organisations in Jávea. The APASA dog shelter has received a sizeable sum to help with its work whilst business associations have received some 47,000 euros to assist with its programmes to promote their businesses. Parents associations of various schools across the town have also received financial assistance to help fund their extracurricular activities whilst the tennis club can count on suitable funding to assist with its children's academy.

The council has made a contribution of 45,887 euros to the Asociación Protectora de Animales San Antonio de Xàbia (APASA) which has long been responsible for collecting abandoned dogs in the town and lodging them in their kennel facilities in Camí de les Sorts. They have also been on call to the Policia Local when a dangerous animal has been found loose in the streets. The Ayuntamiento sees APASA as providing an important service that is worthy of its financial support.

In the economic sector, agreements have been signed with the 'Mujeres Emprendedores de Jávea (MEJ)' association who received 2,000 euros to support their activities promoting business in the municipality whilst the business association of 'Xàbia Port' and 'Xàbia Histórica' received 13,000 euros and 32,000 euros to support their commercial and social revitalization programmes as well as the fairs and events organised throughout the year.

Other agreements signed this week include a 5,908 euro subsidy to the 'Fundación Cultural Cirne' to assist with exhibitions, publications and educational activities for school children throughout the year. In sport, the Club de Tenis will benefit from 8,550 euros to support its academy for children as well as the tournaments open to all members of the public. In addition, the widow's association has received 900 euros to support their activities.

In the education sector, parent association from different school have also received financial aid for their extracurricular activities: the parents association of Graüll receives 1,425 euros, that of IES Número 1 receives 1,030 euros, the AMPA of María Inmaculada will benefit from a 900 euro subsidy whilst the association of parents of the students of the Conservatorio de Música will receive 1,680 euros.

javeamigos.com | JAVEA · TOWN HALL FUNDING javeamigos.com | JAVEA · TOWN HALL FUNDING


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