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Department of Tourism hopes for support of business sector to sponsor activities for visitors

Monday 2nd June 2014


Leading influences in the travel sector will be invited to Jávea for a special conference through which it is hoped that they will recommend the town as a place to spend a holiday through their blogs and other social networks. Councillor Antonio Miragall (Tourism), whose department has been advised by social media consultant Mario Schumacher, explained that the initiative (called "funtrip") will take place between June 20th and 24th which will allow the invited professionals not only to discover Jávea and all its possibilities but also to experience the fiesta of Sant Joan and the magical 'Nits dels Focs'.

The councillor has thanked the collaboration of many important businesses in the tourist sector whose belief in the initiative has seen them become major sponsors of the activities that will be experienced by the visitors. This marks a major change in the promotion of tourism in Jávea, shifted the economic balance from the town hall to public-private partnerships.

Mario Schumacher, who has been fundamental in the organisation of the event, said that the objective of the "funtrip" was the complement the image of Jávea for the tourist with specific products that target particular audiences, such as couples, families, sports lovers and fans of gastronomy. In order to achieve this, the invited professionals will be travelling as if on holiday, accompanied by the partners and living "experiences" which they may later want to recommend, such as water sports, tastings and discovering the most beautiful corners of Jávea.

The initiative is also about improving the position of Jávea with social media tools such as video marketing, blog updates and photos or posts on social networks. Consequently, leading figures have been invited in each of the Web 2.0 specialities. (A Web 2.0 site allow users to interact and collaborate with each other in a social media dialogue. Examples of Web 2.0 include social networking sites, blogs, wikis, video sharing sites, web applications and hosted services.)  They include Diego Pons (video-traveller), Fátima Martínez (social media and journalist), Alvaro Santos (journalist and gastronome), Lasse Rouhiainer (YouTube specialist and Web 2.0), Alfredo Vela (the first Twitterer in Spain and computer graphics professional) and siblings Verónica and Javier Martínez (travel blog writers) who all have thousands of visits to their pages which will ensure a considerable impact of the initiative.

Within the "funtrip" experience, there will be a meeting for these specialists to get to know the businesses in the tourism sector of Jávea and talk about their experiences in the town and give useful advice which could improve its promotion. This round-table will take place at 11:00 at the Parador de Jávea and is open to all interested parties.

The presentation was also attended by one of the invited guests of the "funtrip" later this month. Lasse Rouhiainer from Finland has championed the importance of positioning in social networks and the need to take account of the fact that 87% of Europeans use their mobile phone to find somewhere to go on holiday. He added that Spain is a pioneer in this type of tourism marketing and Jávea should be congratulated for being at the forefront of this sector.

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