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Work also reinforces cliffs in Cala Ambolo although access remains prohibited

Friday 9th May 2014

javeamigos.com | JAVEA - CLIFFS

Maintenance work is being carried out on the steel net structures which provide protection from falling rocks and stones above several coves and beaches along the coast of Jávea, essential work that will cost some 15,000 euros.

Directed by the Department of Environment and Department of Beaches, technicians have been specifically working on the triple twist mesh that has protected the beach at Granadella for some ten years. After inspection, it was determined that the mesh has suffered over time and had been torn open in places so had to be replaced and re-anchored by stainless steel pegs. With the Department of Environment deciding to extend the protection to the second cove in the area, a total of 300 square metres is being installed or replaced.

A specialised company has been brought in to attend to the wire protection since the work involved requires technicians to lower themselves down the cliff-face to reach the mesh that has been attached to its surface. The task will take several days to complete.

The Town Hall will also be addressing the protective dynamic mesh system above the access road to Cala Ambolo. This is a different system that was installed in 2012 which has been designed to catch much larger rocks on a far more unstable cliff face that suffered constant landslides. All the debris will be removed followed by a complete overhaul of the system. However, despite this work, access to the beach - Jávea's only designated naturist beach - will remain prohibited for safety purposes (it was formally closed in 2006) and those who do decide to make their way down to this wonderful secluded cove will have to do so at their own risk as the Ayuntamiento will refuse to be liable for any injury or damage that is suffered whilst passing through the area.

javeamigos.com | JAVEA - CLIFFS

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