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"Xàbia Gastronómica" and the evolution of the walking routes are features

Thursday 17th April 2014

javeamigos.com | JAVEA - GASTRONOMIC ROUTE

The Department of Tourism has revealed major new features for 2014 that will offer the visitor the chance to discover more about Jávea and its special characteristics in a pleasant and entertaining way. All the favourites will return, including the theatrical and themed guided walks and the exploration of Jávea's history, and this will be complemented by the addition of two new features: the "Xàbia Gastronómica" route, which will explain the history of food in Jávea, and the evolution of the walking routes.

Councillor Antonio Miragall (Tourism) announced the details for the new season which sees the return of the popular guided walks including the theatrical routes which see actors telling the story of Jávea in period costume, exploration of the Roman remains, the discovery of the raisin heritage that gave Jávea its riches during the 19th century as well as night visits to discover the mysteries of Medieval Xàbia including a nocturnal visit to the old cemetery. The family games will also return, an event recommended for children above seven years of age who can discover the town through play.

The first major addition is the "Xàbia Gastronòmica" route which debuts on Saturday 17th May, a history of the town through its recipes, food and condiments. The author of the route, Santi Inocencio, explained that tracing the foundation of the local cuisine can make it possible to explain the local history through the understanding of the crops and foods used by the cultures which have settled in the area over the past few thousand years, such as the Iberians, the Romans, the Arabs, as well as discovering the economic boom that the town enjoyed thanks to the production of raisins. The tour is based in the historic centre of Jávea, taking in the rooms of the Soler Blasco Municipal Museum and finishing in the Mercat Municipal with a tasting menu of local products such as salted fish and cured meats.

The second new innovation in the development of the guided walks  by biologist Tere Bou through which the visitor can better understand the landscape of Jávea, the richness of its vegetation, and its use by different cultures. There will be five routes: Cap Prim and its microreserve of flora; Xàbia Romana which discovers the marks left by the Romans; Cala Tangó and the marine reserve; Santa Llúcia and the conquest chapels; and the windmills of the natural park of Montgó. These routes will also offer to chance to taste local products.

To find more details about all these routes, which will be available in several languages, such as their dates, costs and how to register, one can visit the website of the Department of Tourism (www.xabia.org) or call in at the Tourist Offices.

To discover more of Jávea on foot, you can also check out our 'Walking in Jávea' section.

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