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Council meeting sees Belén Quiroga taking office as councillor representing Nueva Jávea

Friday 28th March 2014

javeamigos.com | JAVEA - PLENO MARCH 2014

The Town Council held its March plenary session on Thursday 27th March during which it welcomed local estate agent Belén Quiroga Biedma as the new councillor representing Nueva Jávea, replacing Francisco Catalá Perez who resigned from the party, and approved motions to request authorisation to undertake essential works to the ravine of Sant Antoni in the port and to pay the share of the costs of the Central Cinema reform. The meeting began with a minute's silence in memory of Adolfo Suárez, the 1st Duke of Suárez, Grandee of Spain who was the country's first democratically-elected Prime Minister after the dictatorship of Franco and a key figure in Spain's transition to democracy and who died on March 23rd aged 81.

The meeting agreed that a request would be made to the 'Servico Provincial de Costas' to create a outfall for rainwater collecting in the ravine of Sant Antoni above the port which would be discharged into the sea at the beach of La Grava. The work is deemed a necessary project to carry out diversion work and the covering of the ravine that passes through an area of fincas. Councillor Paco Torres (Works) explained that the work has been outstanding after the construction of a block of buildings was brought to a halt after the builder went bankrupt. The Ayuntamiento has been trying to get the project finished for the past two years but needs the necessary authorisation before doing so. The first phase of the work would involve the diversion of stormwater drains in Calle Caleta and Calle Pedro IV to provide a discharge of rainwater at the beach with the second phase involving the widening of the road and the completion of the urbanisation. Torres said that if the necessary permits are received, the work would begin in September after the fiestas of Loreto and will take about a month to complete.

The renovation of the Central Cinema continues to move closer to reality with the council formally approving an agreement to meet its share of the cost of the  project and, should preliminary work results in additional funding, the administrations concerned would bear those costs according to the percentage that applies. With an initial budget of 980,000 euros, the Ayuntamiento has pledged some 537,000 euros with the remaining balance coming from the 'Diputación de Alicante'; an item already exists in the 'Plan Provincial de Obras' under the name "Central Cinema de Jávea". The agreement confirmed that should additional funding be required after the preliminary work, the Ayuntamiento will be obliged to meet 57.34%  of those costs.

Other issues approved by the council meeting included the approval of a partial modification of positions at the Policía Local, an amendment of the rate of the sale of municipal publications, an assessment of the forthcoming opposition in the square of the Secretario General and the suspension of PAI Roig Roquetes I.

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