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The Town Hall plans to allocate the surplus to repair heritage and on "financially sustainable" investments

Wednesday 26th March 2014

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Jávea has closed the 2013 municipal accounts for 2013 with a positive balance of 4,28 million euros, a better than expected figure which has been attributed to a combination of good municipal management and a "windfall" in income from unanticipated sources. Councillor Oscar Antón (Finance) said that the figure of 4,285,145 euros was thanks to higher than expected income from such areas as the collection of IBI on properties that had not been previously taxed, which accounted for some 1.8 million euros, capital gains ('plusvalía') taxes on property sales (1.6 million euros, 600,000 euros more than forecast), building licences and fees (450,000 euros, up 64% on 2012), certificates of occupancy (98,000 euros, 46% more than expected), income from recycling companies (150,000 euros more than 2012) and also an increase in Central Government contributions which rose by 344,000 euros compared to 2012, a rise attributed mainly to an increase in registered population which has dropped in the majority of other municipalities.

Antón stressed that part of the positive balance is the result of a strict control on spending by the Ayuntamiento which has saved one million euros in staff costs and some 700,000 euros resulting from new policies introduced after the reversal of the land registry ('catastro') valuations.

The councillor also linked the improvements to good municipal management and the efficient coordination between planning, finance, police notification and the company that has been responsible for identifying new construction to ensure that they are listed as soon as possible with the Ayuntamiento and consequently incorporating them into the tax system. In addition, the adoption of urbanisations and the issue of certificates of occupancy has returned housing transactions to 2007 levels.

Antón said that the new data has allowed the council to face 2014 with confidence, without having to increase any taxes and extending the exemptions for the opening of businesses, licences and repairs as well as the occupation of public spaces by bars and restaurants. And with regards to the 4.2 million euros in the bank, he explained that Central Government in Madrid has issued a strict ministerial decree that investments can only be made for those projects which are "financially sustainable" and for councils that pay their suppliers within 60 days, a policy which has long been adopted in Jávea.

With regards to municipal investment, mayor José Chulvi explained that he is working on projects that meet the requirements set out by Madrid, which rule out sports or cultural facilities that require personnel or maintenance. A budget of 1.5 million euros has already been agreed for another re-tarmacing project to resolve resident complaints whilst plans are being proposed for the development of two new sections of the Avenida de Augusta, the construction of a permanent roundabout at the junction of Avenida del Pla and Avenida de l'Arenal, and the creation of a park on the site of the former Guardia Civil barracks in the port. He added that improvements will also be made to municipal heritage assets such as repairs to the blue-domed chapel of Calvario.

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