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The water company has reopened the process of hiring head of administration and finance

Tuesday 11th March 2014

javeamigos.com | AMJASA

The governing board of AMJASA, the municipal water company, has approved the works schedule for the first half of the year after identifying a need to restructure the distribution network beyond the Adsubia-Cabanes pumping station to improve the efficiency of the water supply and improve energy savings from this zone to the tanks of Tosalet and La Guardia. This area suffers a great deal of breakdowns in secondary pipework which often run under private properties. Specifically, it is proposed to renew the network in areas of Calles Lliri de Mar - Hedra - Pomera, the area of Calle Camile Pissaro and Carrer Jonc, and finally between Calle Salvador Dali and Calle Francisco de Goya.

These works will be carried out by AMJASA with their own personnel supported by students from the occupational workshop 'Xàbia Impulsa' for the excavations, work assistance and replacement of pavements. Mayor José Chulvi said that this decision supported the municipal policy of offering works to the local construction industry in Jávea which has been particularly suffering from economic crisis in Spain, including companies registered in AMJASA's list of contractors that own the type of machinery required for the works. The budget for the work has been set at 126,734 euros excluding VAT (47,243 euros, 33,139 euros and 46,351 euros respectively) with a lead time of two months.

The board also agreed to continue their search for the position of head of administration and finance, a vacancy that was not filled during the last round. The position is offered to suitable business graduate in 'Administración y Dirección de Empresas, Ciencias Económicas o Empresariales' with minimum proven experience of three years and a valid driving licence. The application guidelines will be published on the company website this week.

Among the other issues of the day, CEO Josep Lluis Henarejos detailed the management report for the last quarter of 2013 which will discussed at the next general meeting.

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