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The proceeds from the recycling help the environment and develop social assistance projects

Friday 31st January 2014

javeamigos.com | JAVEA - RECYCLED CLOTHING

More than 100 metric tons of recycled clothing was collected in Jávea during 2013, according to a statement by the NGO 'Humana Fundación Pueblo para Pueblo', an organisation that has carried out assistance projects in countries in sub-Saharan Africa, South America and Asia. Just over 100,000 kilograms of used clothing and footwear was collected from the special recycling bins located around the municipality and the selective waste collection from these points provide an effective tool for waste management, helping to reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere by some 317 metric tons, according to studies commissioned by the European Commission.

According to the NGO, recycling of clothing and footwear helps to protect the environment by reducing the waste generated by the population and giving a second life to items that would have otherwise been dumped in a landfill for incineration.

The Foundation manages the collection of used clothing through a network of 32 containers installed in easily-accessible locations throughout the town. Since the beginning of the initiative in Spain in 1987, the objective has been to manage more effectively the recycling of clothing no longer wanted or needed by the population, a sensible philosophy in a throw-away society in which the purchase of clothing has progressively increased year after year.

In the Valencian Community, Humana has 616 special containers for the collection of used clothing, thanks to collaboration agreements with different town halls and private companies, and during 2013 they collected some 1,292 metric tons. Throughout the whole of Spain, the Foundation has some 5,200 containers which collect annually around 18,000 metric tons of used clothing and footwear. The recycling and processing of the items deposited in the containers is a free service for municipalities which means there are important savings in the cost of the collection and disposal of municipal waste.

The garments deposited in the containers have two destinations: either one of the recycling centres run by Humana in L'Ametlla de Vallés in Barcelona, Leganés in Madrid or Valderrubio in Granada or it is sold onto other recycling businesses. At the recycling centres, the clothing is sorted and categorized according to its condition. Some 12% of the collected items are sent to second-hand stores of Humana Spain whilst almost half of the good condition items are dispatched to Africa where they are sold in small local stores as part of the initiative to revive local economies. Clothing that is very worn, unusable or cannot be classified, some 32%, is sent to be recycled by specialist companies whilst a small percentage which is made from non-recyclable materials is sent to landfills.

The proceeds for the management of used clothing allows the financing and development of programmes of environmental protection in Spain and cooperation projects abroad such as educational and job placement programmes, agricultural and rural development projects, community development projects, health and infectious diseases projects as well as emergency assistance. The Foundation also carries out social assistance projects in the municipalities in which they are present, either in direct collaboration with the town halls or through local associations. Throughout 2013, 1,100 vouchers worth around 33,000 euros were issued as part of the campaign to curb social exclusion.

In Jávea, there are many containers located around the town, including the following points:

Plaza de la Constitución (opposite the Centre de Salud)
Avda. Ramón Llido (opposite CEIP Vicente Tena)
Plaza Xátiva in Frechinal
Calle Patraix in Thiviers
Avenida Amanacer de España near Mercadona
Travesia dels Sorts
Avenida del Pla

Avenida Jaime I (opposite Mas y Mas)
Calle Joan Fuster (opposite CEIP Port de Xàbia)
Avenida Ausias March (close to the boat roundabout)

Avenida Libertad (near the supermarket roundabout)
Avenida de la Fontana
Avenida de París (Jávea Park)

Calle Tripoli (near Xàbia International College)
Carretera La Guardia
Carretera Cap de la Nau (Punt Verd)
Travesía de les Cansalades (Punt Verd opposite Parque Pinosol) 
Carretera de Benitachell (Punt Verd - Calle Mar de Noruega)
Carretera de Benitachell (Jávea Golf Club)
Carretera de Jesús Pobre (Punt Verd)
Carretera de Jesús Pobre (Punt Verd - Supermarket Ermita)

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