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Tuesday 18th December 2012

javeamigos.com | JAVEA: CHRISTMAS 2012

The Department of Social Services in Jávea has been looking at several initiatives for making sure that those who are going through hard times can enjoy as much as they can Christmas this year.

The NGO Visión de Futuro is organising a special Christmas dinner at the restaurant in the town which will be free of charge for all those who might otherwise be alone on December 25th. Those interested in sharing the day with others can apply directly to the organisation on 685 613 064 or visit its headquarters in Ronda Sur Nº 107 this Thursday between 5pm and 8pm.

Other organisations working with Social Services include the Club de Los Leones which has donated 80 food packages, double the previous year, which will be distributed to families in the town who are struggling to cope on insufficient resources. They have also provided a hearing aid to a local child with severe deafness. In addition, the Help Marina Alta organisation has delivered special coupons worth more than 2,000€ which are redeemable at the Mas y Mas supermarket chain.

Councillor Tere Bisquert (Social Services) said that the assistance from these organisations comes at a critical time for her Department whose budget is coming to a close as the year draws to a close. She thanked the support that has been provided by these initiatives which have allowed the town hall to respond to the needs of some of its most desperate residents at a very special time of year, assistance that it might otherwise have not been able to give. She also highlighted the work of Todos Juntos Jávea which has also worked to completed Social Services to support families which have been severely affected by the ongoing financial crisis.

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