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Workshops and storytelling with snacks for children followed by participation conference

Wednesday 16th October 2013


The 'Cruz Roja de Xàbia' and the Department of Social Services have revealed the details of the 6th annual Intercultural Participation Conference to be held on Thursday 24th and Friday 25th October, an initiative to promote the integration of cultures and a mutual understanding which is the key to improving coexistence between more than 80 nationalities which have registered on the Municipal Register of Jávea, 50% of which is comprised of foreigners.

For 2013, the conference has been especially designed for youngsters in the town who have been born and raised in a multicultural society as well as those who want to improve the message of tolerance and respect. Councillor Tere Bisquert (Social Services) explained that this year's event has also been designed to be held in Jávea Park, one of the important locations where a multicultural environment exists, with the chosen venue to be the 'CIVIC PUNT' which works throughout the year to improve resident integration in the Arenal. She added that there has also been a change in the programming to encourage more participation.

José Luis Domenech, president of the 'Cruz Roja de Xàbia', explained that the conference will begin on Thursday 24th October with a presentation by Dr. Luis Santos about multiculturalism and children. The event will start at 5.00pm in the conference room of the 'Soler Blasco' Municipal Museum in the heart of the historic centre.

On Friday 25th October, events will kick off at 5.00pm at the CIVIC PUNT in Jávea with the story of the 'Wizard of Oz' which tells the adventures of Dorothy in the magical land of Oz after which there will be snacks for everyone before they will be invited to participate in workshops and games which have been organised by the 'Cruz Roja de Xàbia'.

At the end of the evening, there will be a prize-giving ceremony for stories and photographs about diversity which have been encouraged over the years by the Department of Multiculturalism before the Latin of music of 'Son Latinos' will bring the conference to a close.

The conference, under the theme "Sharing Experiences with the Children" has been organised by the 'Cruz Roja de Xàbia', the 'Department of Social Services', the 'AMICS' agency, the provincial authorities and associations such as 'Xàbia Histórica'.

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