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Thursday 12th July 2012

javeamigos.com | JAVEA: MOORS AND CHRISTIANS 2012

The Moors and Christians festivities come to Javea as they do every summer, with a full programme dedicated to Sant Jaume which runs from Saturday 14th July to Sunday 22nd July. The firing of a rocket will set the fiestas under way on the night of Saturday 14th July, which will see the members of the 12 participating filaes parade through the streets of the Port all the way to Avenida Jaume I, where the official presentation of the two camps and the 2012 festival authorities will take place.

The chairman of the Moors and Christians organising committee in Javea, Juan Luis Buigues Catala, will share the stage with the 2012 Captain, Cristina Ramos Asenjo from the Pirates de Sant Jaume and the two standard- bearers, Maria Serrat Marti from the filà Cristians Vells, and Lucía Andrés Lacueva from Almoriscos. The first night of festivities will end with an open-air disco that will finish at dawn.

On Sunday Calle Sevilla will be closed off for a concert of festival music at 8.30pm, offered by the Musical Arts Centre band, which will perform Moors and Christians marching music under the direction of Juan Sanjuan.

The programme resumes on Tuesday 17 July, when a children's play area will be set up in the Placeta the Convent at 6.00pm and at 8.00pm the fiestas commission will parade through calle Principe de Asturias, Placeta del Convent, Ronda Sur until Sant Jaume, where they will leave a wreath at the shrine of the patron saint.

On Wednesday 18 July at 7.00pm, the XIII annual Medieval Market will open in its new location in calle Sevilla and calle Andres Lambert, where it will remain until the end of the festivities. Then at 8.00pm the fiesta commission will walk through the streets firing their muskets from the Dolphin roundabout to Avenida Jaume I. Later that evening there will be a communal dinner an open-air disco in calle Dr. Fleming.

On Thursday, the Moors commission will sponsor a giant paella on Avenida Jaume I and a flower offering to the Virgen de Loreto is scheduled in the evening, with the participation of all of the fiestas commissions in the municipality.

On Friday 20 July, the final stretch of the festivities begins with a grilled sardine brunch sponsored by the filà Pirates de Sant Jaume and a not-to-be-missed event will take place on the Grava beach at 9.00pm, with the landing of the Muslim troops, the fighting between the two camps, the Christian troops and the surrender of the castle. Later that night there will be a batucada (Brazilian percussion parade) and an open-air disco.

On Saturday 21 July will be a despertá (or wake-up call), followed by chocolate and children's games in Avenida Jaume I. Then at 8.30pm, the public is invited to enjoy the Christian Reconquista and embassy, complete with a spectacle of fighting and musketry. At night there will be an orchestra and correfocs in the streets of the Port.

The last day of the festivities will be on Sunday 22 July, when all the filaes will deploy their full regalia, marching music and live entertainment in the sole gala parade of this year. But before that, at 7.00pm, all the marching bands participating in the parade will perform together the famous "Pasodoble Xàbia".

The parade, which starts at 8.00pm, will open with the Moor hosts (Schaitans, Almoradins, Almoriscos, Jalufos, Xibia, Baharis and Al Tariks) and will close with the Christian troops (Ballesters, Trabuquers, Cristians Vells, Contrabandistes Xàbia and Pirates de San Jaume, who are this year's captains). The fiestas will end with a colourful fireworks display launched from the jetty of the harbour.

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