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Friday 5th April 2013

javeamigos.com | JAVEA: PASSEIG TENISTA

Despite the onset of stormy weather, the renovated Arenal promenade was officially inaugurated as the "Passeig Tenista David Ferrer" in the presence of the locally-born tennis player - currently number 4 in the world - who has become one of Jávea's favourite sons. The long-awaited renovation project, financed by the Plan Confianza de la Generalitat, has vastly improved the tourist centre of the town with a new promenade surface, improved lighting and landscaped areas for shade. And Alberto Fabra, president of the Generalitat Valenciana, made his first official visit to the town along with Isabel Bonig, the regional minister in charge of Infrastructure, to join with mayor José Chulvi and members of the town council at the opening ceremony on the new promenade under increasingly heavy skies.

The promenade was packed with eager tennis fans and curious onlookers, defying the wind and rain to catch a glimpse of the 31-year old, who was in good spirits despite his recent loss to Scot Andy Murray in the Miami Masters. With the arrival of the president of the Generalitat, a special plaque was unveiled which Ferrer described as "the most important honour that I have received in my career", referring to the promenade which now bears his name as one where he played as a youngster. And he said that he remained committed to carry the name of his native town wherever he may go. (Ferrer has often signed "Xàbia" on the lenses of TV cameras after victories.)

Mayor José Chulvi said that the day provided special satisfaction to see the inauguration of a renovation that residents have waited "for decades" to see finally become a reality, adding that it made the area feel more modern. He explained that the decision to dedicate the new promenade to David Ferrer was taken because the player provides a great example of the values of effort, sacrifice and perseverance that has become so necessary to overcome adversity. He added that Ferrer has done some sterling work in promoting the town worldwide whilst showing a special affection for its people. He thanked the regional Conselleria de Infraestructuras and its director-general Vicente Dómine for the approach to re-developing a sensitive zone such as a public promenade. Finally, president Alberto Fabra said that new Passeig Tenista David Ferrer is an example of the quality infrastructure than can be offered by the Comunidad, demonstrating the first commitment that the regional government gives to tourism as an important economic pillar.

The renovation of the Arenal promenade, financed by the regional government who invested some 2 million euros into the project, has seen the replacement of the original unfinished surface with a more permeable pavement formed by hexagonal pieces of ceramic in brown and white shades which reflect the natural tosca of the area. The edge of the beach area has been provided with a long wall, interrupted by wooden ramps onto the beach to improve accessibility. The low wall also serves as a barrier against the intrusion of sand and seaweed onto the promenade. Planters and bollards have been installed to prevent unauthorised vehicular access onto the promenade whilst benches have been replaced and a new landscaped shady area with pergolas and a green island to separate the promenade from the car-park areas. The project also saw the improvement of general lighting for the promenade with improved energy efficiency. The new lighting has also been designed to illuminate the beach area.

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