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Wednesday 3rd April 2013

javeamigos.com | JAVEA: RUINS

Xàbia Viva has organised a special day out for Sunday 14th April which combines a visit to the ruins of an Iberian settlement with a trip to a vineyard where there will be a chance to try a bit of wine-tasting.

The remains of the Iberian settlement of La Bastida de les Alcuses sit more than 720m atop an isolated, elongated hill some 8km south-west of the town of  Moixent, just over 90 minutes drive inland from Jávea. Although now in ruin, these remains, which date back to the 4th century B.C.E., clearly demonstrate what an impressive defensive enclosure it once was, with huge fortified gates set into a turreted wall that was in places more than three metres thick. Discovered just over a century ago, the remarkable excavations of the late 1920s uncovered the remains of a settlement so impressive that was dubbed by the press of the day as "the new Pompeii". A long central street, running west to east along the top of the hill, had other streets perpendicular to it with single-story houses of various sizes. Of the discoveries made, some of the most important include a bronze statue of a warrior on horseback and some extraordinary inscriptions on a lead sheet written in Tartessian Iberian alphabet which had still to be deciphered. There was little more activity until 1990 when the Museo de Prehistoria de Valencia resumed the excavation work of the site which was destroyed around 330 B.C.E, not long after its founding, although by whom it was destroyed is still not certain.

The family of Bodegas Belda has been cultivating vineyards near Fontanars dels Alforins since 1931, although the area as a whole boasts a winegrowing tradition that goes back a long time. The south-facing vineyards rooted in a limestone-layer drained, sandy loan soil are cultivated in very characteristic conditions which produce a slow ripening which, combined with their care and dedication, produces a quite unique organoleptic wine. A new winery built entirely of reinforced concrete and equipped with the latest technology allows them to produce high quality wines in a huge underground area where the temperature is kept constant throughout the year. The bodega produces some 300,000 bottles of wine each year.

Xàbia Viva are offering this trip to its members for 19 euros for adults and 15 euros for children whilst, as always, non-members are also invited at 23 euros and 19 euros respectively. The price includes the wine-tasting, appetisers, salads, a main dish of paella of cod and cauliflower as well as dessert, coffee and drinks. The coach will be leaving the car-park in Avenida de Palmela at 8.30am and returning to Jávea at about 6.00pm. To register your interest and reserve a place, send an email to Xàbia Viva at xabiaviva@gmail.com by Thursday 11th April.

For more information of XÀBIA VIVA, click here.

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