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Some 2.5 hectares destroyed before blaze brought under control by fire-fighting units

Tuesday 1st October 2013

javeamigos.com | GRANADELLA FIRE

Around 300 people were evacuated from their homes in the Costa Nova area of Jávea after a wildfire broke out in the forestry zone of Granadella on Tuesday afternoon. Police authorities took the precaution to vacate about 100 houses in Carrer del Pic Blau, Carrer del Cavallet and Carrer Roncadell after a fire warning was received in the early afternoon. The focus of the blaze was in a pine forest next to a medium-voltage electricity pylon in Carrer del Passarell in the urbanisation of Montes de Jávea. Although the cause of the fire may be have been electrical, the exact cause of the fire is still unknown and is currently under investigation.

The weather conditions could not have been worse for such an inferno with temperatures above 30ºc and a strong westerly wind. However, the response was swift and fire-fighting units were quickly mobilized to the area. A control point was established on the terrace of a house in Carrer del Passarell which was occupied by holiday-makers enjoying the early autumn sunshine and the town hall thanked them for their cooperation and assistance.

Personnel from the Policía Local, Guardia Civil from Jávea and from its SEPRONA wing, responsible for the conservation of nature and water resources in Spain, as well as volunteer fire-fighting services from the Bomberos de Balcón al Mar, the Protección Civil and the Cruz Roja were joined by fire-fighters from Denia and Benidorm, the forestry brigades, the forestry agency and from the Diputación de Alicante. Councillor Juan Ortolá (Security) was also present to monitor the fire-fighting efforts along with councillor Doris Courcelles (Environment) who also provided an interpretation service for local foreign residents who collaborated with service personnel from AMJASA and the Department of Environment along with four water trucks mobilised by the town hall. In the air, a plane and three helicopters also worked to stop the advance of the flames which were moving north and by 5.00pm, the blaze was under control but having destroyed some 2.5 hectares of scrub and woodland. Electricity supply to a large number of homes in the area was also affected.

Councillor Ortolá thanks the rapid mobilisation of the volunteer units such as those from the Bomberos de Balcón al Mar who were firs on the scene. He also thanked the assistance of local residents who opened the gates of their homes to provide water from their swimming pools to help with the fire-fighting effort.

javeamigos.com | FIRES IN GRANADELLA

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