New website provides information to deal with ongoing health situation in new school year

Although the situation is much improved on the last school year, the health authorities insist that all necessary measures must be observed at all times.

Thursday 2nd September 2021 – ÁLVARO MONFORT with Mike Smith

The imminent start of the new school year (in Xàbia, Thursday 9th September) during the current pandemic situation can raise numerous doubts so the regional education ministry has set up a web page especially aimed at the education community in which it details how the return to classes will be carried out with the greatest possible security.

The portal includes information on the safety, hygiene and protective protocols that will be established in schools to deal with COVID-19 and provides answers to frequently asked questions about going back to school. In addition, there is a contact number 900-300-555 to seek further information.

The regional education secretary, Vicent Marzà, explained that his department wanted the educational community to have access to basic information, although he added that many of the guidelines and dynamics from the previous school year are already integrated into them. “Information needs to remain at your fingertips at all times”.

He added that, although the situation is different to the previous year due to the staff of the education centres being fully immunized against the disease whilst students above the age of 12 years will have received their first dose of the vaccine, everyone must continue to comply with all the necessary measures put in place by the health authorities so that the educational centres across the region become much safer spaces for socializing. “Since July, everything has been prepared in terms of human resources, material, cleaning and hygiene.

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