More than a third of council staff positions in Xàbia remain vacant

The staffing budget is 16.13 million euros, covering 341 positions – of which 125 remain vacant.

Archive. The Citizen Service Office (OAC) of the Xàbia Council

Friday 25th February 2022 – Mike Smith
Translated from an original article by Carlos López on Xàbia AL DÍA

The 2022 local budget has been definitely approved after its publication in the Provincial Official Gazette (BOP) on Thursday, ending some five years without updated accounts. And one of the items included in the announcement, apart from the large numbers of the budget already revealed by councillor Ximo Segarra (Treasury) a month ago at a press conference, is the situation of municipal staffing.

The budget includes staffing costs of 16.13 million euros, covering a total of 341 municipal employees, including civil servants (217) and labour staff (124) plus seven appointed positions of trust, the maximum allowed by law, which have all been awarded to the government team.

The approval of a budget reveals its details, including those of municipal staff and in which departments as well as the vacancies are still waiting to be filled. Thus, it has been revealed that there are 125 staff positions that remain vacant: 91 civil servants (including 22 vacancies in the Policía Local) and 36 labour staff.

These vacancies include administrative staff (2), management staff (3), clerks (10), administrative assistants (11), draftsperson (3), inspectors (2) – further details below.

The Policía Local de Xàbia has a total of 22 vacancies, the bulk of which are lower ranks. The budget allow for 69 personnel. There are five police officer vacancies and 3 police inspector vacancies. The position of Commissioner is also empty, the current head being the Chief Superintendent.

Current Vacancies – Ayuntamiento de Xàbia

Official Staff

General Administration Staff: 10 positions / 2 vacancies. Group A1
ManagementStaff: 3 positions / 3 vacancies. Group A2
Clerks: 30 positions / 10 vacancies, Group C1
Administrative Assistant: 35 positions / 11 vacancies, Group C2
Bailiff: 3 positions / 1 vacancy
Concierge: 4 positions / 2 vacancies
Architect: 2 positions / 1 vacancy group, Group A1

Technical architect: 4 positions / 1 vacancy, Group A2
Topographical Technical Engineer: 2 positions / 1 vacancy, Group A2
Technical Electrical Engineer: 1 position, (vacant), Group A2
Agricultural technical engineer: 1 position, (vacant), Group A2
Library Assistant Technician: 1 position, (vacant), Group A2
Accountant-administrative: 1 places, (vacant), Group C1
Medium Collection Technician: 1 position, (vacancy), Group A2
Operator Programmer: 1 place, (vacant), Group C1
Inspector: 3 positions / 2 vacancies, Group C1
Draftsperson: 3 positions / 3 vacancies, Group C1
Electrician: 2 places / 2 vacancies, Group C2
Driver: 3 seats, (vacant).


Commissioner: 1 position, (vacant), Group A1
Intendent: 1 position, (vacant), Group A2
Inspector: 4 positions / 3 vacancies, Group A2
Official: 10 places, 5 vacancies, Group B
Official in 2 activity: 2 positions / 2 vacancies, Group B
Police Officers: 69 positions / 10 vacancies, Group C1

Permanent Workforce

Construction Officer: 4 positions / 4 vacancies, General Education Certificate
Official public buildings: 2 positions / 2 vacancies, General Education Certificate
Public Roads Officer: 3 positions / 1 vacancy, Registered
Official Painter: 1 position, 2 vacancies, Registered
Labourer: 3 positions / 1 vacancy, Registered
Miscellaneous Committed Labourer: 3 positions / 1 vacancy
Labourer Parks and Gardens: 2 positions / 1 vacancy
Driver: 4 created positions / 2 vacancies
Cleaner: 12 created positions / 8 vacancies
Concierge: 20 positions / 8 vacancies
Gardener: 2 positions / 1 vacancy
Early Childhood Education Teacher: 5 positions created / 1 vacancy, Graduate
Nursery assistant: 1 position created / 1 vacancy, School Graduate
Psychologist: 2 positions created / 1 vacancy, Graduate
Biologist: 1 position created / 1 vacancy, Graduate
Sports Instructor: 1 position created / 1 vacancy, School Graduate
Sports Instructor Part-Time: 4 positions created / 1 vacancy, School Graduate


5 general services collaborator: assimilated group C1
1 press office: assimilated group C1
1 chief of staff: assimilated group A2

Civil Servant Classification

Group A: University Degree (A1—bachelor’s degree; A2: Diploma, technical engineering)
Group B: Higher Vocational Training Degree or Higher Technical Vocational Training.
Group C1: Baccalaureate Degree or Intermediate or Technical Vocational Training in FP, Higher Baccalaureate
Group C2: ESO Graduate Degree, School Graduate

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