Local police aims to acquire an unmarked vehicle

The council is looking to acquire three new vehicles, including an unmarked 4×4.

A file image of the presentation of the latest cars incorporated into the fleet of the local police force in Xàbia.

Tuesday 25th January 2022 – CARLOS LÓPEZ with Mike Smith

Xàbia Council has opened proceedings for the renewal of the fleet of vehicles used by the local police force and intends to acquire three new vehicles to replace those that have completed the terms of their lease, about four years.

One of the new features provided by this new procedure is that the police will acquire a unmaked 4×4 vehicle, one without exterior police markings, although it will be equipped inside with all the requirements of a vehicle intended for local security body.

According to the information published with the contract, the Council needs:

  1. A van for the canine unit: with a minimum engine of 1,500cc and 115bhp, five seats, two glazed side doors and usual security elements. In addition, the specifications include specific specifications for the compartment for dogs “compartment for two dogs, made of resin and fiber, very light and resistant and easy to clean. It will also be isolated by a wall from the rest of the vehicle so that odors and fluids do not pass through”.
  2. An all-terrain 4×4 vehicle.
  3. An unmarked all-terrain 4×4 vehicle.

In the case of the 4×4, the minimum characteristics are a power of 1,570cc diesel engine and 129bhp, 5 seats, and four-wheel drive.

For all this, the Council will pay a maximum of 3,300 euros per month for a period of four years.

The specifications state that the contracting company must carry out the scheduled maintenance service in a workshop that is within a 20-kilometre radius, or if it does not have one, assume the cost of the transfer. It must also bear the cost of car insurance as well as taxes.

According to forecasts from the police force itself, each vehicle will travel about 50,000 kilometres per year and the Council must compensate the successful bidder if a vehicle does not reach that figure (at a rate of 0.015 euros) as well as if it exceeds it too, with a difference and a margin of 15,000 kilometres, for which will pay two cents, which will increase to 5 cents after 15,001 kilometres.

When evaluating the offers, 60 points are awarded to the best economic offer (the one that lowers the monthly rate the most), another 30 are linked to improvements, for example that the three vehicles are equipped with a DESA defibrillator; and 10 points to see who best adjusts the excess of mileage to the municipal interests.

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