Infections have reduced by 97% since January in the Comunidad Valenciana

During the first month of the year, 5,214 people were infected daily, while in May the figure dropped to 132.

Thursday 3rd June 2021 – PRESS RELEASE with Mike Smith

The Comunidad Valenciana has managed to reduce coronavirus infections by more than 97% since the beginning of the year. In January, a total of 161,661 cases were reported, an average of 5,214 per day; during the month of May, 4,114 cases were detected, which is the equivalent to 132 daily infections.

Likewise, by reducing infections, the number of people who have died from the disease has also dropped, with 93% fewer deaths registered during the month of May compared to January this year. Specifically, 1,827 deaths from coronavirus were registered in the Comunidad Valenciana during January, whilst 119 were recorded during May.

The figures registered in January reduced by more than half during the month of February, dropping to 68,639 registered cases with an average of 2,451 infections reported a day. However, the number of people who died increased compared to the previous month, rising to 1,894.

The recovery soared during the months of March and April when the number of both infections and deaths plummeted. During March, 6,904 cases were detected, a drop of 90% on February, whilst 459 people died, almost 76% less than the previous month. In April, the number of detected cases dropped to 4,968 and 160 deaths were registered, 65% less compared to March.

Ana Barceló, the regional health minister, said that “these are hopeful figures that are the result of the work between the administration and the citizens who, through their efforts, have allowed the virus to be kept under control. These figures will allow us, from now on, to take back little by little everything that the pandemic has stolen from us”.

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