Fogueres Xàbia 2024 kicks off with a grand opening party

Eleven days of fiesta have started, the biggest party of the year in Xàbia!

The biggest party of the year has started! The church square in the heart of the historic centre exploded with joy and excitement last night when Ángela Tachó, Fogueres Queen 2024, accompanied by the Fogueres Infantil Queen, Claudia García, announced that 2024 edition of the Fogueres de Sant Joan de Xàbia was open.

The evening started earlier when the both the Quintà 2024 “A Cabassaes” and the children’s court processed through the streets of the town from the Plaza Marina Alta to the church square, visiting the historic centre, Freginal and Thiviers to encourage residents to come and enjoy the start of the festivities. Almost 300 young people took part, dressed in their colourful fiesta costumes and accompanied by music from the town band.

Then, just after 9.30pm, in front of a church square packed with residents, penyas, and curious visitors, the doors of the town hall building opened to reveal the main representatives of this year’s edition – and the most anticipated appearance was the Fogueres Queen.

After a short welcome from mayor Rosa Cardona, Àngela Tachó took the microphone and announced that “together we are going to make Xàbia look beautiful with the decorated streets, the joy of the people and the party spirit of the peñas. Music and the smell of gunpowder will accompany us from today until the night of the burning of the Foguera”.

And then, with a cry of “Visca Xàbia i visquen les Fogueres de Sant Joan!” the town band played the rousing anthem of “Fogueras” to the delight of everyone gathered who sang and danced with great enthusiasm as the darkening sky above was filled with fireworks and confetti.

After a communal dinner in the Plaza de la Constitición, the Quintà 2024 led the penyas, residents and onlookers on a midnight tour through the historic centre to carry out the traditional act of singing the “Fogueras” song to the images of Sant Joan in their niches in Carrer Teulería and Carrer del Cups, as well as the image of Jesús Nazareno in the street of the same name, and finally in the heart of the historic centre, returning to the church square. The fantastic evening was concluded with a disco in the Plaza de la Constitución until the early hours.

Eleven days of fiesta have started, a grand party for everyone in Xàbia. Click below for the full programme in English and see our guide HERE to see how you can get involved. ¡BONES FESTES!”