Fishing competition resumes at Club Náutico de Jávea

The competition is the first major fishing event since the pandemic began.

Tuesday 19th October 2021 – XÀBIA AL DÍA with Mike Smith

A total of twenty boats took place in the Currycán Fishing Championships organised by the sport fishing section at the Club Náutico de Jávea this weekend. In a statement from the club, the event resumes the calendar of competitions which had been suspended during the pandemic, resulting in nothing in 2020 and no events in the first part of this year.

After the day’s fishing, a weigh-in was carried out at the club’s facilities in the Port de Xàbia and an awards ceremony was held with the following successes:

Largest Piece

  1. Juan Antonio Bas – Barracuda 2.5kg
  2. José Catalá – Barracuda 2.3kg
  3. Antonio Roselló – Barracyda 2.2 kg
  4. Aurelio Batallar – Barracuda 1.95 kg
  5. Ramón Songel – Barracuda 1.75 kg
  6. Damián Berenguer  — Barracuda 1.70 kg
  7. José María Puig — Barracuda 1.55 kg
  8. Juan Roldán — Dolphinfish 1.30 kg
  9. Pascual Concepción — Little Tunny 1.25 kg
  10. Juan Sapena  — Dolphinfish 1.25 kg

Total Weight

  1. Bergantí,  Damian Berenguer 19.60 kg
  2. Festa, Pascual Concepción 15.50 kg
  3. Wolf,  Ramón Songel 15.20 kg
  4. Llebeig, José Catalá 12.00 kg
  5. Selena, Juan Antonio Espinosa 11.05 kg
  6. Montgó, Juan Sapena, 7.85kg
  7. El Blanquet, Juan Roldán 7.40 kg
  8. Enma, Ricardo Catalá, 6.05 kg
  9. Chispa Dos, Antonio Roselló, 5.85 kg
  10. Kay, Juan José Bañó, 5.20 kg

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