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If you are after the ultimate relaxing experience, then The Treatment Works in Jávea could well be something for you. Located next to the tennis club in Avenida del Pla on the Sabadell bank roundabout in the Arenal, Rona Pryer opened the floatation and massage centre in January 2012. Whilst specialising in floatation therapy, the centre also offers specialist massage treatments from Reflexology and Indian Head Massage to Balinese Massage and a Full Body Relaxation Massage. In addition, Rona has put together a team of guest therapists as well as beauty consultants to meet just about every need. I was particularly intrigued by the fresh Mojito foot scrubs; would they come complete with the cocktail by your side, I wondered? However, I decided to visit to try out a floatation therapy session after hearing about its beneficial effects; a bit of research said that it would reset my hormonal and metabolic balance, relieve tension and aid creativity. Definitely worth a try, I thought.

Yet, I still arrived at The Treatment Works quite unsure about what to expect. The leaflet I had picked up earlier described it as a "super-charged siesta any time of day" and offered "total stress elimination in one hour". Having just negotiated the hectic summer traffic, stress elimination seemed a very attractive offer. Owner Rona was on hand to welcome me and explained how the session involved lying in warm water saturated with Epsom Salt which allowed the body to float effortlessly and allow the mind to relax, promoting the sort of dreamy state that many of us experience just before sleep. As my wife knows only too well, I'm a very fidgety sleeper so I had to ask the question: what would happen if I fall asleep and roll over? Rona laughed before telling me that the body only tosses and turns during sleep because it is uncomfortable; floating in the Epsom Salt solution takes all the stress out of the body and it becomes totally relaxed and thus finds no need to adjust its position. And as the body begins to relax, the mind follows.

Having been convinced of its benefits, I followed Rona's young assistant Jaz into an enclosed room in the middle of which lay a large white plastic pod. She ran through a few standard health and safety issues as she did so, assuring me that whilst there were no safety issues with floating in the salt solution, any open cuts might sting, as one would expect, and pointed out a small bottle of vaseline which could be used to protect them from the water. As she talked, she pressed a small button on the side of the pod and a huge lid began to lift, revealing a large oval bath of warm water. She asked about music; I could listen to anything I wanted (I could have even brought in my own collection) or I could opt for no music at all, relaxing in complete silence. I opted for the latter, wanting to experience complete sensory deprivation to try and get the most out of the session, the only concession being to have some gentle relaxing music for the first few minutes and then for the same to return a few minutes before the session ended to bring me out of what I hoped would be what the promotional leaflet promised would be the "ultimate stress buster". Content that I was happy, she left me alone and I locked the door. I was ready for my "super-charged siesta."

Having disrobed, I squeezed the supplied foam plugs into my ears - this was important to protect the inner ear from the salt solution - and then showered off any grime that had accumulated during the day. I carefully stepped into the pod, switching off the room light as I did so, and sat down in the warm water, about 28cms deep, the only light source coming from one end of the pod. Relaxing music was playing as I gently laid myself down into the water and then stretched out to allow my body to float. I was surprised at how easy it was to do so, momentarily forgetting about the assistance from the Epsom Salt solution. To the left were two large buttons, one to close the lid (you don't have to close it) and the other to switch off the interior light. To my right, another large red button acted as a emergency call should I have needed help from Rona and her team. I pressed the button to close the lid and it slowly dropped to enclose me inside the pod, away from outside interference. I pressed the second button and I was plunged into darkness. I closed my eyes. The volume of the relaxing music gently reduced and I was left in almost complete silence.

I soon understood the concept. The temperature of the water should closely match the body temperature, making it difficult to determine which part of the body was immersed in water so you do begin to feel like you are floating in mid-air. I found that my body gradually assumed its most comfortable position and I could feel myself drifting away. Rona had told me that the experience would encourage the logical left side of the brain to slow down and synchronise with the creative right side. I wasn't particularly sure what she meant but I didn't really worry too much about it as my mind relaxed and I smiled to myself as a fantastic wave of well-being swept through my body; perhaps this was what she meant. Quite soon I forgot that I was lying in warm water; if felt like the closest thing to experiencing zero gravity. I began dreaming, strange but comfortable images darting through my mind as I drifted towards sleep.

Almost too soon, gentle music began to fill the tub and the light came on; my hour-long session had come to an end. The lid slowly lifted and I sat up and gathered my senses again before lifting myself into a standing position to wipe the salty water from my body, a warm shower washing off the remainder. I dressed and wandered back into reception where a glass of juice and some watermelon were waiting to complete the experience. How was it? I was asked. Very different but enjoyable, I replied and Rona admitted that most people can only appreciate the full benefits of floatation therapy after a few sessions which is why they offered a reduced price package for three sessions. I would definitely be back and I would recommend to anyone to give it a try. Even if you are concerned about being enclosed in a pod, The Treatment Works offers a "float room", more akin to a sauna filled with a little water, which they tell me has proved to be very popular with families. You don't have to take anything with you as they provide everything that you might need, including spa shoes, towels, shower and hair products, hairdryers, face and hand creams; in fact all you have bring along is yourself! Pop down and see them; you might just discover what it is to have "the ultimate relaxing experience".

javeamigos.com | THE TREATMENT WORKS POD

javeamigos.com | THE TREATMENT WORKS

The Treatment Works
Avda. del Pla, 118
03730 Jávea (Alicante)
Tel: 966 934 513 / 693 482 906
Open: 10.00am - 10.00pm Monday to Saturday

javeamigos.com | THE TREATMENT WORKS

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