Enjoy catamaran sailing with the CBYA

The Costa Blanca Yacht Association meets every Friday for sailing with experienced skippers.

Wednesday 30th June 2021 – PRESS RELEASE with Mike Smith

Sailing takes many forms, from sedate cruising to fun-filled dinghy sailing, but for many people, the most exhilarating form of the sport is to sail a small catamaran, particularly the popular Hobie cat.

When the wind is right and the sails are filled, these catamarans literally fly and you could easily end up hiked out on a trapeze as you race across the sea, providing a counter-balance to the sails. 

There is nothing more exciting, so say the CBYA.

With the Costa Blanca Yacht Club, members can now join them in sailing these catamarans. They meet every Friday at 3.00pm during the summer at Las Antipodas Watersports, Los Bassetes, Benissa Costa for a fun-filled afternoon with experienced skippers to show you the ropes.

See the CBYA website for their low-cost membership plans and for details of all of their activities (which incidentally also include dinghy sailing, cruising and numerous social events).