Emotional conclusion to 75th anniversary of Fogueres de Sant Joan de Xàbia

A special chapter in the history of the town’s biggest party of the year comes to an end.

The 75th anniversary of the Fogueres de Sant Joan de Xàbia had been an emotional experience long before the conclusion of the 2024 edition but there were plenty more tears to be shed as the final night saw another stunning firework display set to music and the burnings of the Foguera Infantil and Foguera Central.

The feast day of Sant Joan had begun with a mass before the relative silence of a local bank holiday was shattered by the explosive noise of the traditional mascletà in the Plaza de la Constitución.

In the early evening, the streets were packed with residents and visitors to enjoy the colourful float parade featuring the local primary schools, the quintàs celebrating their anniversaries, the junior commission and, of course, the young men and women of Quintà 2024 “A Cabassaes” for whom these very special days were drawing to a close.

As night drew in, attention turned to the Foguera Infantil in the Placeta del Convent where the Regina Infantil Claudia García lit the fuse that would turn the delightful farmyard scene into a small inferno. And not only was the Ninot Indultat, the statuette that was granted a pardon removed from the scene before the burning but also a line of small ducks, salvaged from the flames by a fire fighter after pleas from the tearful queen and her ladies-in-waiting.

And then the action moved to the Plaza de la Constitución where the gathering crowd was already being entertained by live music. It was a squeeze for many as midnight approached, half the square having been cordoned off on safety grounds in preparation for another spectacular firework display set to music.

At the stroke of midnight, the Parque Montaner burst into colour as the almost 19 minute long firework display began, featuring music from Green Day and U2, The Weeknd, La Oreja de Van Gogh, Jason Derulo and Tesher, El Deluvi, La Fúmiga and Samantha and Lori Meyers.

At 00:26, the Fogueres Queen Àngela Tachó lit the fuse from a balcony of a nearby apartment and a traca burst into life, the explosions making their way down to the Foguera Central from which rockets lit up the night sky. As the flames took hold, the tears flowed. The heat was intense, many people edged away from their prime positions at the front of the barriers; the commission members and press took refuge in the car-park access building.

As the flames consumed the monument, the excitement reached fever pitch, the member of the quintà wiping away their tears as they danced and sang, begging the police to allow them to enter the safety zone so that they could run around the bonfire as has long been tradition. Eventually, the authorities relented to the demands and the 120 plus strong group ran into position, held hands and danced around the flames.

As the flames receded, many of the youngsters sought out containers to collect the ashes. Parents and friends were allowed to join them and there was plenty of emotion on all sides as Quintà 2024 “A Cabassaes” reached the end of their very special year. Over in the corner, a noisy group jumped, danced and sang and they would soon take their place, for they were the members of those who would make up Quintà 2025. The preparations are set to begin almost immediately.