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Jávea (Xŕbia in Valenciano) has long been considered one of the jewels of the Costa Blanca, an oasis of natural beauty set along some 25 kilometres of stunning coastline and nestling below the awesome hulk of the mountain of El Montgó, more than 750m high and protecting the town from the fierce northerly winds of winter. The UN's World Health Organisation once declared that Javea's micro-climate could be considered near-perfect and thus one of the healthiest in the world. Average daily highs hover around the 30°c during July and August and rarely drop below 16°c in the winter whilst the town basks in an average of 320 days of sunshine per annum - perfect for a holiday whatever the time of year. And boasting a history stretching back many thousands of years, Jávea offers something for everyone.

The History of Jávea

The Historic Centre

The Port

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javeamigos.com | JAVEA - The Historic Centre

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People have been coming to Jávea for thousands of years. Archaeological evidence found in a cave on the northern flanks of Cabo de San Antonio suggests has been dated back to 30,000 years ago, the remains of a nomadic hunter-gatherer group that would have looked out from their shelter on to a landscape very different from today with the coastline several kilometres further out that it is now.

Jávea has a delightful historic centre which was once surrounded by high walls but is now ringed by modern apartment blocks. There's more than 600 years of history to explore including the wonderful fortress-church of San Bartolomé as well as a number of excellent bars and restaurants in which to enjoy some of the best Mediterranean hospitality and cuisine.

The port is a popular place to enjoy the sea with excellent restaurants and bars serving some of the best seafood right from the bay just a few metres away. It's a quieter option to the livelier Arenal zone with a popular pebble beach and a popular promenade to enjoy a warm's summer's evening stroll. And it's dominated by parish church, a modern architectural wonder built as thanks to the port's patron saint for salvation in stormy seas.

The Arenal

The Viewpoints of Jávea

The Parks

javeamigos.com | JAVEA - The Arenal

javeamigos.com | JAVEA - The Viewpoints

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The Arenal is the holiday zone of Xŕbia with its crescent of golden sand, one of the town's three Blue Flag status beaches, lined with lively bars and restaurants along its wide promenade. It's the main tourist centre of the town and consequently one of the busiest, especially during the hot summer months when the fun extends right through to dawn. The shallow waters make it a perfect place for all the family to enjoy the Mediterranean whilst the restaurants offer something for all tastes.

One of the best ways to explore the coastline of Xŕbia is to visit the network of viewpoints which have been selected due to their stunning vistas along some 25 kilometres of cliffs, coves, beaches and bays. From the historic windmills in the north to the windswept plateau of La Granadella in the south, the viewpoints have long been popular to enjoy the best that Xŕbia can offer and some have even become popular picnic stops where families can enjoy snacks against a stunning backdrop.

Both badly affected by devastating fires in the past few years, the two natural parks have shown their resilience by getting on the road to recovery quickly so that we still have these maginificent open spaces to enjoy. The Parque Natural del Montgó offers not just the chance to scale the magnificent mountain but also to enjoy the flat plateau and discover the ancient quarries of the sea cave. The Parque Forestal de la Granadella is a wonderful open space for walking and horse-riding.

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