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ADDRESS Avda Marina Española, 17 Bajo
Javea - Port

TELEPHONE 96 579 0020 / 615 767 760
13:00-16:00 daily
19:00-23:00 daily
Closed Tuesday
LA TRATTORIA is not your typical restaurant in Jávea. It is a family business where the food is prepared following the traditional Italian gastronomy which uses the best seasonal products from each region of Italy. The authenticity means that it can serve some of the most delicious pastas, pizzas, focaccias and regional specialities which can be enjoyed whilst taking in some of the best views over the grand bay of Jávea.

The menu, which can be viewed below, includes some incredible Chef Specials, authentic regional dishes such as Bollioto Mixto, Zampone, Polenta burgers and Polpettone a la Fiorentina. There are many more delicious dishes and a range of desserts which includes a variety of Italian ice creams. There is also a daily menu which includes three courses, a drink and a coffee.

La Trattoria can cater for private parties and special events whilst you should keep an eye out on our What's On Guide for regular live events and sport shown on television.

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Last modified:02-01-2019

Aubergine Parmigiana (Campania & Sicilia)
Ossobuco (Lombardia) - Veal stew served with creamy saffron risotto
Venetian Liver (Veneto) - Stew with sweet onion and white wine

TO BE PRE-ORDERED: (Minimum 2 people)
Bollito Mixto (Piemonte) - Seven cuts of meat boiled with vegetables and wine
Zampone with Lentils (Emilia Romagna) - Sliced boneless pork leg stuffed with spiced pork
Rabbit to the Ligure (Liguria) - Rabbit stew with hers, olives, pine nuts and wine
Polenta Burgers (Veneto) - Made with polenta, courgette, mushrooms, carrots, garlic and nuts, served with soft cheese sauce
Polpettone a la Fiorentina (Toscana) - Roll of minced beef, pork, sausage, parmesan, onion, eggs, spinach, garlic and parsley
Pork Caprich (Calabria) - Pork roasted with spices and brandy, accompanied by rosemary potatoes
Chicken Diavola (Sicilia) - Crunchy and spicy... for the chilli lovers

Appetizer Board with artichokes, pickled aubergine, radishes, mushrooms, sicilian olives, mozarella and grissini breadsticks
Cold Cuts Board with prosciutto, salami, pancetta, spianata, coppa and mortadella
Cheese Board with pecorino goat, gorgonzola, smiked scamorza, parmesan and taleggio
Burrata with tomato or with prosciutto (2 people)
Provolone Auricchio - Baked cheese with bruschetta
Carpaccio of Beef or Cod
Vitello Tonnato - thin slices of veal with tuna, anchovies and capers
Bagna Cauda - Piemonte sauce of garlic, anchovy and cream served in a clay pot with heater to dip vegetables and breadsticks

La Trattoria - seasonal
Mixed - lettuce, tomato, onion, sweetcorn and gorgonzola, nuts and pears
Prawn - with buffalo mozzarella, rocket and cherry tomatoes
Artichoke - with sliced parmesan in a lemon dressing
Carpaccio - thin slices of courgette with olives and anchovies
Caprese - buffalo mozzarella with tomato and basil

Soup of the day
Minestrone - seasonal vegetables, potatoes and beans
Seafood - fish broth, seafood pieces, tomato and garlic

Sicilian Ceviche - thin slices of red prawns
Impepata - steamed mussels in sauce of tomato, garlic, peppers, parsley and white wine
Clams - in white wine, garlic and parsley sauce
Ascolans Olives - stuffed with mince, breaded and fried
Involtini - proscuitto ham roll with pears and taleggio cheese
or rolled courgette stuffed with tuna, fresh cheese, capers and olives
Patatitas - Homemade potatoes with rosemary
Funghi Trifolati - sauteed porcini nushrooms in white wine, garlic and parsley
Malfatti - Spinach and ricotta balls with sage and lemon sauce

Tuscan - porcini mushrooms, buffalo mozzarella, tomato and speck
Gorgonzola - buffalo mozzarella, taleggio and gorgonzola
Frutti di Mare - tomato, cheese and seafood

Canelloni - with spinach, bechamel and parmesan cheese
or foie, mince, bechamel and scamorza cheese
Lasagna - with bolognese sauce and mozzarella
or pesto and mozzarella
Gnocchi - with various sauces (pesto, tomato and basil, spicy arrabiata, gorgonzola cream or bolognese)
Ravioli - truffle and ricotta with sage butter sauce
or cheese in bolognese sauce
or ricotta and lemon in prawn sauce
Risotto - creamy rice with lobster
or porcini mushrooms
or seasonal vegetables with taleggio cheese
Penne - arrabiata (spicy tomato sauce)
or tomato and basil sauce
or creamy smoked salmon sauce
Spaghetti, Tagliatelle or Papparedelle with the following sauce options:
Trattoria; crayfish, tomato and garlic; clams and white wine; mixed seafood; lobster; porcini mushrooms and sliced parmesan; pesto; carbonara; bolognese

Please ask for dietry specialities including Egg tagliatelle, Wholewheat spaghetti or Gluten free Penne

Fried - Squid and prawns
Red Tuna - Grilled with garlic and parsley
Salmon - Baked and served with vegetables and tartar sauce

MEATS: all served with potaotes and vegetables
Scalopines - with lemon sauce
or Marsala wine sauce
or Saltimboca with parma ham in sage and butter sauce
Milanesa - thin breaded beef fillet with spaghetti in tomato sauce
or breaded chicken breast with spaghetti in tomato sauce
Tagliata Fiorentina - Rare sirloin steak with rocket and parmesan shavings
Entrecot - with sauce of your choosing

Panna Cotta - Cooked cream with red fruits
Strudel - fruit and chocolate with vanilla ice cream
Carpaccio Pineapple - thin slices with Cointreau and red fruits
Rum Baba - Sponge cake soaked in Rum

Green Apple - with Calvados liqueur
Creme Brulee - with red fruits
Three Chocolates - Ice cream mousse

"Excellent restaurant."
Ricardo Sotelo, November 2018 [FB]
"Fantastic food can’t wait to go back to Javea and go to La Trattoria again."
Liz Lawless, November 2018 [FB]

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