Denia Health Department reinforces the use of instant messaging to answer questions and manage appointments

Patients are able to message the health department using Telegram, ChatWeb and WhatsApp.

Monday 7th February 2022 – XÀBIA AL DÍA with Mike Smith

The Dénia Health Department (DSD) has announced in a statement that it has vastly increased the management of patient requests through new direct messaging communication channels, which have gone from being used by 2,300 users in the month of November 2021 to exceed 13,000 at the beginning of February 2022.

Direct messaging, available through Telegram, ChatWeb or WhatsApp, allows the user to contact an operator to manage administrative procedures and/or appointments.

The DSD said that it is committed to new technologies as a strategy to improve care and communication with the patient. These are tools that promote interaction and accessibility, allow better monitoring of requests and facilitate their resolution.

According to Susana de Gea, responsible for the project: “Users appreciate the existence of this service, because it allows them to solve or start their procedures, without excessively interrupting other activities and without having to go to a counter or have to wait to be answered by telephone. In addition, there is a commitment that we always respond within 24 hours on business days.”

Currently, more and more users prefer messaging as a means of communication, when we ask for examples of the most common procedures through this channel, Susana explains that: “Users mainly contact us through Whatsapp and mainly to resolve doubts related to COVID19, manage appointments in Primary Care and in the Hospital, requests for clinical documentation and issues related to the SIP card”.

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