Demolition of old Triana bridge bases will be carried out by specialised divers

The project has an estimated budget of 94,000 euros and will need to take 15 days to complete.

ARCHIVE: The bases of the old structure of the Triana bridge.

Monday 22nd March 2021 | CARLOS LÓPEZ, translation MIKE SMITH

Xàbia Council has put out to public tender the task to remove the bases of the old Triana bridge that were not removed during the project to replace it with a new crossing, even though it was claimed at the time that they would be removed in a matter of weeks.

The State Procurement platform has published the public tender call this Monday, detailing the project which has a starting budget of about 94,000 (excluding VAT) and an execution period of 15 days. According to the detailed report, which runs to 222 pages, the project will require the presence of five operators, among others.

The specifications indicate that the demolition procedure will be carried out underwater “by professional divers” and will consist of demolishing the piles and their respective foundations. Some elements will need to be extracted from the water by mechanical means and transferred to the part of the car park closest to the riverbed.

It adds that “the foundations will be dismantled to equal the level of the channel, with an average demolition depth estimated at 1.60 metres.

One of the issues included in the document is that the Council wants to save some euros in contracting the work, since it has decided that 90 of the 100 evaluation points of the offers are linked to the best offer presented by the companies. Another ten points are awarded based on the reduction of the execution period.

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