Dates for enrollment for the 2021-2022 school year have been published

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the submission of admission applications will be made online.

PHOTO CREDIT: Generalitat Valenciana

Tuesday 30th March 2021 | ALVARO MONFORT; translation MIKE SMITH

The regional education ministry has published details of the admission and enrollment calendar for the next academic years 2021-2022 for Infant, Primary, Secondary and ‘Bachillerato’ levels. This admission process is the procedure that is carried for those first entering the education system as well as those who want to request a change of school for a child or young person.

It is a procedure which families or legal guardians are obliged to carry out, consisting of providing all the required information and indicating the preferred school so that the ministry can make an analysis and evaluate the requests for the assignment of a school or institute based on the demand.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the submission of admission applications will be made online. In the case of those applying for Infant and Primary level, this procedure should be carried out between May 25th and June 2nd, with enrollment from July 1st to 16th. The available places will be published on May 24th.

With regards to applications for admission to ESO and ‘Bachillerato’ levels, they should be carried out from June 3rd to 14th, with enrollment from July 26th to 29th. The available places will be published on June 2nd.

The admission procedure is especially important for those parents who are enrolling their sons and daughters for the first time, during the next academic year, in Infant (3 years), in the free 2 years classrooms in public schools, or in infant schools of the Generalitat for 0-3 years. It is also a relevant procedure (although to a lesser extent) for those wanting to request a change of school.

The Online Process

Once again, the procedures will be carried out online to streamline the processing of applications in a safe and responsible way for both the families and the administrative staff in the event of a health emergency.

According to the regional education ministry, the process, which is carried out on the webpage was “very beneficial and practical” when used last year so it has decided to use the same procedure again. At the moment, the ministry is working on updating the webpage so that it will be ready and operation for the planning admission schedule.

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